03 January 2011

happy new year...

...all the best for 2011, to everyone who stops by and has had a read or look at this 'ere blog. posts have been sparse for a while due to the Super Mega Trip of late 2010, moving home, the full-time factory job and Christmas markets. Thank you to everyone who came to any of the markets, looked and bought a piece of my work. I also part-led my first workshop at the last market i did - which went very well - may this year lead on to more or similar. i am nearing the dream of being able to print at home, just have to make a final decision on what to order from the interweb shops. i have a lot of work to make up, draw and create, and plan to re-start on the lion sketchbook as its nearing the end. the big sketchbook has been drawn in a little bit and so we shall see where 2011 takes us, hopefully back to proper full-time self-employment and drawing stories.

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Jennie said...

hi honey, just thinking of you, saw this post - a lot of creative work is slow for different creatives at the moment due to the recession.

Am sure things will pick up as panic calms down and markets start moving again - luv jen xxx