09 January 2011

creeping back...

...in to the land of drawing with Martin and his bag of butterflies. a little rough i thought i would share to get the blog restarted. its from another one of my stories i am having a whirl at. i have been trying to draw every evening with a mixture of success. trying to find as much inspiration as i can but tis hard when i spend most of the daylight shut inside a factory, so all i have is my imagination and the telly. i often get a lift home, just as the sun is setting and try my best to look out the car at everything. was planning to go walking this weekend round the village where we now live but the mother-in-law and i decided to go fabric shopping instead. i got a little bundle of bargain £1 fat quarters and have already made some purple bunting up. there are now fifteen small robot project packs made up and stock levels are starting to rise which is good for both the material box and new year plans. there is new Larkrise to Candleford on this weekend so am off to draw while waiting for it to appear on bbc's iplayer.

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