30 December 2011


...whilst outside the other day, maybe it was Wednesday - i was trying to get some good photos in order to put some of my work online in the shops. i took a couple like this with the light splattering through.  i am no photographer but i try my hardest and with help from Cat - my photography skills are improving. as much as i moan about chasing natural light - it is a challenge and i like finding ways of how to improve my product shots. the one above though was not used but i wanted to share it. it was the best one out of four i took. the wind was wild and unfortunately the cloud was cropped right at the bottom of the screen/photo. if you pop over to my etsy shop - the grey raincloud can now be found online. today it is grey and wet - no photos to be had today.

quilt progress is going well - figured out that it is best to iron all fabric before folding round hexagons which i have done before in the past but never bothered to do until last nights ten hexagons. i was being lazy. this afternoon i am getting out the pencils and print equipment in the hope of getting some progress made on the to-do list. i have not really adjusted well to the self-employment routine. i blame christmas.

29 December 2011


...for the year ahead is to make a quilt. one made from hexagons in the traditional way of 'piece-ing' it together by hand sewing or something like that. i have started tacking the fabric round hexagon shapes - doing about five or ten of these a day. the fabric was bought with intentions of making Christmas bunting to sell as it was manic this winter at the markets, online and between friends and family with the bunting. i was unable to get the usual fabric i make bunting with and so ordered some new stuff which when it arrived i was unsure about so instead of sending it back i decided to use it some other way and so started the task on 26th December while watching a naff Arnie film. The aim is to make about 150 to 200 hexagons and plan the overall layout of the quilt from there - there will be progress reports no doubt.

today i am off to the Post Office to send another hedgehog on its way and to pick up a puzzle magazine - i have taken to doing the competitions during illustration break times. resting the drawing brain cells but working on the thinking cells - beats putting the telly on as an half hour break can turn in to two hours especially if there is a Midsomer or similar on. Other tasks to tackle today is an important project with the butterflies, a new card design, a new moleskine design, printing of some large plush teeth as per a request and some other bits and bobs of printing.

24 December 2011


...get the photo sizes right on this 'ere blog! Little bit frustrating. Does anyone know how to find out how wide a log post is in pixels? this is a very nice colourful working out from some serious sketching that i have been doing these past few days. i have finally returned to full-time illustrating and left the day job. It will be hard without the pennies but something had to change and i was starting to feel quite unhappy. hopefully the chance to 'wing it' for a few weeks maybe months may be good fun. am going to enjoy it best i can and make the most of being free to draw/print every day.

Happy Christmas to everyone who has supported my work this year - thank you.

12 December 2011


...always watching with them sneaky eyes are the foxes. my granma has a fox (maybe two) that come in to her garden nearly every night to eat the tasty treats that she leaves under the tree for them. She often feeds them more than she feeds herself. This goes for the birds and the three legged squirrel as well! I am forever being asked to pick up 'so and so seed' or 'them packs of fat balls' from the shops when i am in town. i saw the fox once while painting her kitchen walls near the window. best time to fox watch, as you are not expecting it. if you sit and fox watch - the fox will never turn up until you turn your back. in the photo are many fox badges that i made last week for the stock tub. i am trying to take a lot more photos of everything/anything in order to improve my photo taking ability. theyse badges can now be found in the online shops with the acorns, ice-creams and teeth (see sidebar for links).

10 December 2011

do you remember...

...this bad boy? yep you say? well - he is on ebay with two other prints of mine and loads of other prints by other printmakers as part of a charity auction for West Yorkshire Print Workshop. This is the place where I often go printing and they are hoping to raise some much needed cash. Please take a look and place a bid if you can - you may get a bargain. Click on the purple link.

07 December 2011

partner in crime...

...a little hog who looks after your pins while you are on one of them mad sewing frenzy missions. it is normally the case here but with everything! there is always a constant work of working going on but it gets harder and harder to keep up with what is going on. today i finished making up six hedgehogs - the prototype was made in March with the hope of screen printing my own brown fabric but nope, plus I had some fabric in the stash box to use. prototype stayed on the desk and has been in use as pin cushion ever since. he was not quite fat enough or stuffed enough so I adapted it yesterday evening and cracked the whip. there is now one in each of the online shops and the others will be taken the Elsecar Heritage Centre Fair. I remembered that there will be a brass band playing - please come and say hello to my table and be prepared with tissues as I may shed a musical tear. brass bands - marching bands get me every time.

06 December 2011

last one...

...last big fair of the year! this weekend will see me take part in my biggest fair yet - Script Events' Christmas Craft Fair at Elsecar Heritage Centre. This was the first winter fair that I sorted out - way back in June! I couldn't believe it when I was first contacted about it - it was early JUNE! Time has passed and this week I have been sorting out any last bits of drawing and making in the hope of being ready for the big weekend ahead. More information can be found here - plus I am still waiting for someone to come and ask me to draw them a doodle - I dare you! there has been no takers yet. Admission is free and there is ample free parking on site. As well as the Craft Fair itself, there will be Christmas-themed entertainment in the form of Barnsley Metropolitan Brass Band and performances by local schoolchildren together with various food stalls. It sounds like it will be a great event.

I must say a huge thank you to those who have bought my portfolio clear-out prints - I am trying to clear out more but I am unsure about some and whether I should keep them for portfolio pieces for a while longer. This evening I am catching up on Merlin via the BBC iplayer whilst sewing some hedgehogs that I intended to make way back in March after the first prototype was made.

05 December 2011

on the web...

...trying to do more of the online thing as possible - I sent two pieces of my work to Made It - Flaunt It and both were accepted for their December Showcase. Hurrah. The full showcase can be seen here as my computer screen would only allow me to 'printscreen' a portion of it. But as well as trying to do more online stuff, I have decided to show less of my sketchbook work while I try and work on new-ish and new ideas. I think it may be better for me to mull over ideas without feeling too exposed. Alot has been written/said about 'illustration and inspiration' lately. I would like to try and explore and experiment on my own for a tad.

In other news, I would like to thank everyone who has visited my travelling stall these past three weeks and to anyone who has been to see my work at any of the shops/galleries. The last fair will be this weekend at the Elsecar Heritage Centre in/near Barnsley - two day event. Today I dropped off some pieces at a shop in our village - Unravel for display within their Christmas Craft Exhibition. There are also some new pieces in The Cooper Gallery in Barnsley - bits and bobs. This evening I am busy making up some more badges and have ninety percent decided that once these materials run out - no more will be made of the small illustrated badges. I am also hoping to sew some more raincloud mobiles as they have been waiting for couple of weeks in the to-do box.

02 December 2011

double date...

...this weekend in Leeds at the Corn Exchange - just a short walk round from the train station - with ReetSweet Craft Events, I will be there with the lovely Kim of Finest Imaginary. Two days of two of us with two lots of work to look at and buy if you have spare pennies. Oh yes - tow days this weekend - Saturday and Sunday! There will be other fabulous stalls full of goodies and treat. Prices to suit all pockets big and small. Please come along and support little independent businesses. More info here. Again - please bring your sketchbook along or a piece of paper and ask for a doodle!

i have been busy this week with all sorts of little jobs. Making up things from the 'to-do' box and trying my best to draw new pictures. I will hopefully try and take some pictures tomorrow at the fair of our shared stall and of the Corn Exchange as it is a beautiful building.

29 November 2011

this winter...

...has been a mish mash of things. generally good things. lots of seeing friends, lots of work making, lots of thinking, lots of investigating, lots of doing and seeing and lots of clearing out. i am the opposite to a squirrel this winter - instead of hiding food which means keeping work, i have made the decision to set it free. you may have seen earlier posts about my portfolio clear out. at the weekend i decided to out an item at a SALE price - Mr Robotington Cross-stitch. I made these as a reason to use certain supplies I had and did so about February time. He is now in etsy and folksy at HALF-PRICE (P+P is extra) Bargain to be had there. Work wise - I am thinking of restarting the Lion Sketchbook in a new one. I was very unsure about this but it helps me draw alot more and just drawing without the lions has been a little hard.

26 November 2011

fresh out of retirement...

...is the pirate lion. first printed over two years ago - while getting stuck into the printing, i decided to get the pirate lion design out and stick him on a screen. first time he went on the wrong way round but now he is the right way - either way he is sometimes a 'lefty' or a 'righty' with his pencil but it doesn't really matter which way round he is. tomorrow I will be in Sheffield at the ReetSweet Fair with Finest Imaginary and I am just labelling up some more printed wares. Some nice news to share is that my work is now stocked in a couple of new places!

The Bowery - Leeds
Grundy Art Gallery - Blackpool
Gemma Scully Jewellery - Manchester at the Christmas Markets
Soon - Grotto Shop - Pop Up Shop - Manchester

The Cooper Gallery - Barnsley
Harris Museum and Art Gallery - Preston
Comma - Oxford

22 November 2011


...working on Christmas things which is something I have never really done before - except for the bunting I made last year. above you can see a decent enough photo of my first screen printed Christmas card. it is printed in a very nice blue and was based upon a lino print that I did for the lino printing workshop - which went very well. i forgot to take any photos of the evening but it was fun and i really enjoyed showing people how to get to grips with lino. the snowman card is now for sale online and in various shops - it will also be at the fairs. today and this evening, bits of work are being finished off, sorted out and packed. sketchbook hopes to be out later to solve the problems of the new print - think the pencil crayons need to come out as well.

21 November 2011

roll up...

...roll up! If you fancy a day out, ReetSweet are having their first Christmas shindig of handmade loveliness this weekend at the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield. It is a very easy place to get to and there are some details above and more via the underlined link. Kim Lawler of Finest Imaginary and I will be sharing a table and so there will be two of us! Two of us to talk to, two lots of things to look at and two little independent businesses to support. If you would like me to - bring your sketchbook or a piece of paper and I may draw you a squiggle or a lion of sorts. Please keep you eyes on the blog for item updates and pictures as tomorrow is a day of working at home - I will be spending the day printing at home, chasing the natural light in hope of online shop photographs and just general 'doing' of work. Any Q + A's - get in touch via email.

Please remember that I am now available for screen-printing commissions - also printing of your work - contact me for more information if you would like me to work on a joint project. Owt is possible.

20 November 2011

thank you...

...to all you came to my stall at yesterday's Super Duper Christmas Fair that was in Blackpool. The fair was a good start to the Christmas markets and people are snapping up prints that I have taken out of my portfolio which is great! Bit sad to see them go but there is no need for me to store them away when they could be out in frames and displayed. Above is a photo of another print - it got a lot of attention yesterday but no takers - it is online and will be at the next fairs until it finds a home. I have selected a couple more prints to crop/wrap and these will be  making an appearance soon. today i am off out on Victor with Dr Mr as he came home for visit which was unplanned. We are going to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park which is near to where we live - there is a Donna Wilson exhibition on.

Little Mr Robotington - Photo-Etch Print NOW SOLD Thank you

17 November 2011

spreading my wings...

...to my first collaboration with one of my friends - the amazing Mark Penman. Since I can now print a bit more freely and a bit more freely at home - I came up with a plan of printing for others and first thoughts were that Mark's work would look amazing as screen-prints. We agreed to break in the idea gently with two one-colour screen prints for him to take to the Thought Bubble Festival. It is the UK’s largest annual event which celebrates sequential art in all its forms, including everything from superheroes to independent and small press comics. They are a non profit making organisation dedicated to promoting comics and graphic novels as an important cultural art form. Thought Bubble is taking place in Leeds with a main two day convention being held this weekend - 19th & 20th November.

If anybody would like to work together with me on anything illustrated related or print related - please get in touch.

14 November 2011

this weekend...

...my work and me will be in lovely Blackpool at the event mentioned in the poster above. I am no good at writing promotional words but this is the first of four Christmas Markets that I am taking part in this year. I also have work for sale at The Cooper Gallery in Barnsley as part of their Christmas Craft Exhibition which is taking place right now through to 24th December. If there is anything that has caught your eye - come along and take a closer peek. tomorrow is a print room day - exposing screens with the first printing/illustration collaboration and hopefully new things by me on my own.

12 November 2011

clear out...

...whilst getting ready for the Christmas Craft Markets and while I am not so well, I have decided that it is now time to have a portfolio clear out. the dry point print in the photo above can now be found in my etsy shop at a very reasonable price. many more pieces will be either online or at the markets at great prices - in the hope that pieces of my work may find a home in which they are displayed and loved. any sales will help raise money to go towards a possible period of further study for myself as this week has been the start of some MA investigations. The Mr Dr also had an interview earlier this week for a permanent job as a Research Fellow at the University of Warwick and GOT IT!


10 November 2011


...to let you all know about The Bowery's Headingley Arts Trail that is taking part this weekend from 10am on Saturday. My work was selected to be within this lovely event and four prints can be found upon the walls of a lovely little (yummy) place on Otley Road. I ain't going to tell you exactly where or pass on a lot of information as then it can be like a treasure hunt! The work I chose to show is a selection from my printmaking portfolio and to describe it, I would say it is a positive reflection on who I was, am and trying to be/do as an illustrator. I had intentions of creating some new pieces but the return to self-employment was not smooth. More information about the Arts Trail can be found by clicking on this link. (I had written a lovely post about this event but blogger was having severe issues and lost my writing.) Also, I am taking part in Finest Imaginary's Christmas Giveaways - Kim is creative friend and we met a couple of years ago at a Manchester Craft Mafia Christmas Fair. Please click on this link - yes another one - to read a little interview about me and to enter. If you would like to feature my work on your blog/website or Q & A me, just get in touch.

01 November 2011


...today we have a photo and a few words from my good friend Cat. thought it would be nice to share something new and have a little change from my work and rambles. please enjoy.

'My name is Catherine and I run a shop on Etsy.com called JumpUp selling eco-friendly accessories, plushes and embroideries.
 These brooches are inspired by mountains and made out of a lovely grey jumper that someone accidentally shrunk in the wash and donated to charity. It was a gorgeous jumper by Lyle & Scott but it was too small and misshapen for the charity to sell normally. The fabric was beautifully felty and soft...so I bought it from the charity myself and used it to create new things.

The snow caps on the tips of the triangles are white wool yarn which I stitched by hand. The felt triangles are sewn together by hand in layers to create a thick brooch. You could wear these on a jumper, cardigan, or pin them to your bag...anywhere you like!

I make all my items from my studio in my home in the south west of England (Cornwall, land of scones and clotted cream!) but I can mail them anywhere in the world. I make my own envelopes for mailing, using pages from books with damaged covers, sheet music, etc. You can see my shop homepage here.'

25 October 2011

second outing...

...of this 'ere print. originally i had said that there would not be another edition of this print but with the new print room, I felt that it was best to get stuck in with a print that I knew gave me good results - plus this print was the quickest selling print that I had ever done and it was all sold out. about four weeks ago, I took it to said new print room. there were problems with exposing and then huge problems with printing which caused a huge headache, a new squeegee was ordered, i took a break from the print room and today i returned where there was printing with very minimal mistakes. I attempted ten for the edition but got nine - good going. once natural light can be found, they will be in the online shops and will also be out  at the forthcoming fairs but remember these were hotcakes first time around. they will definitely not be printed again - am not keen on giving myself a triple headache anytime soon. once they are gone - they are gone. in other news - i am off to spend the next few days lino cutting and doing some more work in preparation for the workshop. everything i have drawn has got woolly hats or scarves on.

24 October 2011


...the corner is the 'C' word and this little fella may make an appearance if it should happen to s-n-o-w! He is a little lino print that I have been working on as part of the prep-work for my first ever lino printing workshop. I drew this design super quick while trying to come up with christmas themed things and think he came out rather nice. He may soon be turned in to a screen printed card ready for the fairs as it will be quicker for me to screenprint then lino print as there is a lot on my plate. below are the dates and places of the fairs that I am taking my work to show, tell and sell. Come and say hello.

Headingly Arts Trail, Leeds - 12th & 13th November 2011 (Exact Location to Be Confirmed)
Super Duper Fair, Floral Hall of the Winter Gardens, Blackpool - 19th November 2011
ReetSweet Christmas Fair, Millennium Gallery, Sheffield - 27th November 2011
ReetSweet Christmas Fair, Corn Exchange, Leeds - 3rd & 4th December 2011
Christmas Craft Fair, Elsecar Heritage Centre, Barnsley - 10th and 11th December 2011

There is also something special planned for the month of May 2012...

23 October 2011


...nothing is more enjoyable than just drawing. being self-employed is something i am proud of but these past few weeks have been tough. there has been problems with printing, problems with getting things made up and problems with chasing up late payments owed. this week i was asked to draw some Alice in Wonderland character roughs and draw I did. Unfortunately they decided to go in-house with the commission/work and I thought after the pap few weeks that i had, that out of it, i had enjoyed drawing the most even though the project didnt go anywhere. so i decided to just start drawing as after all it is where everything starts. i have scaled back printing plans i had until something clicks.

10 October 2011


...from last week, while the sticker was from my birthday visit to the lovely Yorkshire Dales. We just so happened to be staying a small walk away from the Wensleydale Creamery in Hawes. The Dr Mr was happy as if wasn't a molecular biologist - he would be a cheese maker. last week was week three of self-employment and I think, looking back over my shoulder - that I got quite a lot done. I even tackled the accounts, reattempted the making of new screens and didn't get that upset when i figured out i was on the wrong bus! tomorrow, i am back in the print room to print said screens and no doubt there will be an update to come on that.

08 October 2011

just round the corner...

...is that 'C' word season. last year while travelling around America, we found, well I found some lovely snowman fabric that I wasn't quite sure what to do with. earlier in the year, i had started making and selling bunting that was made from my screen printed fabric bits but due to popular demand I couldn't print enough fabric to keep up so i started making it from my fabric stash. after the America trip, i thought bunting made with the snowman fabric would be nice and took it to all the winter fairs i did last year. it proved very popular and would be the first thing to sell out so this year, with plenty of time to go, i have started sewing some. above is the best way I thought of photographing it as the weather has gone down hill since last weeks sunshine. four lots of bunting can be found in the online shops and there will be some at the coming fairs along with regular colours of bunting.

for the next couple of hours today - i am playing office - doing the accounts so that it is all up to date. i used to be an administrator and quite like inputting data.

06 October 2011

rain rain...

...well the weather was beautiful last week and for a couple of days, i was walking round with my legs out and flip flops on. this week, the proper autumn/winter/UK weather is back and so are the clouds - grey ones with blue raindrops are back in stock and up on/in the online shops. soon to be making the last batch for the upcoming fairs, online shops and stockists. today's mission to the print workshop went very well and I will be printing a second edition of the raincloud pattern print on Tuesday - about 20 i think. whilst waiting for the screens to dry, i attempted character development with drawing the butterfly man, Martin. This task is not over and will continue in to the weekend - see where we get to with that project.

04 October 2011

virtual tabletop...

...if you take a peek over on BlogAndBuy, you will find a selection of twenty stalls by talented creative sellers and one of them stalls, Stall 20 is where you will find my work. I am so pleased to be part of such a big thing - proof that going part-time at the day job was worth it as it allows me the time to find out opportunities. When you view my stall, please share the link on Twitter and Facebook 'like it' - comment and anything you can do to help promote it. It will be there for four weeks.

Today is the first day of working properly at home, I have mainly been sorting bits out and tidying up the house. Hoping to print later after I have gone in search of breakfast and cleaned all the things off the dining table so that I can use it as a print drying table.

02 October 2011

roll up...

...roll up and ponder at the marvellous, magical lion with his good old pal The Ringmaster. These prints have been out on show and for sale at the markets but they are now in the etsy shop (see the sidebar to the right). Due to the very nice sunny weather, I managed to take some decent photographs of it and it soon will be in the folksy shop. A major clear out is underway as I desperately need to make room for new pieces of work - space in my portfolio and space in my working area. Printmaking on Thursday did not go according to plan - nothing major but it felt major - there are always little things to get used to when finding your feet in a new print room. Am getting back on that wagon come Tuesday which is a full working day at home with no visits anywhere - time to plan out new designs for me to take in on Thursday.

28 September 2011

second to last...

...page before the end and i have to say that it has taken way too long, longer than planned to get to the end of this sketchbook. i try and draw in it but something isn't working - whether that be down to my brain or lack of things i do in order to then draw or what - but here is page eighty three. i have started page eighty four and it is an illustration day tomorrow so it may get finished. though i found two more similar sized sketchbooks on the shelf the other day - intended for lion drawings but what to do - continue on with them or just stop? i think once i get into the new illustration routine it will be as easy as it was. big scribble sketchbook is going ok. am off to the new printroom tomorrow to expose my first screens there. excited - just a tad as it will feel like proper work then.

24 September 2011

drum roll please...

...very excited to say that i am now a full-time illustrator and a part-time breadwinner. finally made my way back to working more for myself but now have a little security with the pennies. this week has been the first week of my new hours at the day job and it has been a busy week with sorting out of things. now a member at WYPW in Mirfield for printing outside the living room and things are fast at getting ticked off the to-do list. i am preparing for a lino printing workshop with the WI ladies of Huddersfield and preparing new work for a total website overhaul and possible exhibitions. thought tonight the working hasn't gone quite to plan as the Dr Mr is home for a visit and although he is quiet happy playing on the ps3 his presence in my work area has played with the working atmosphere.

12 September 2011

in august...

...way back then, the Mr and I went out to the Emley Show which is very near us. It is a charity that raises money to help students who are studying agricultural and related subjects, through college and university. There were loads of animal related shows/competitions. The best one by far was the cow/bull shed and pictured above is me with one of my favourite bulls. There were loads going on and quite a lot to look at and walk around. I took my sketchbook but didn't draw a thing as it was so crowded so I took loads of pictures instead of which I have recently found the time to start drawing from.

This evening, I am working on de-stashing the fabric pile, sewing up bunting for the christmas fairs and making some kind of hand sewn hexagon things - once they are sewn up I will decide what is best. I have ideas but if it will be one or the other or both - I haven't got a clue yet! I am going to 'WING IT' as me and Josie would say.

11 September 2011


...lots of fun was had at the Saltaire Festival. Saltaire Arts Trail held a one day Makers Fair Special and my work was selected to be part of it all. It was a great day and i enjoyed talking to everyone who came by. Thank you to all who took home new treasures from my table. Unfortunately I was on my own so unable to wander round and speak to other stall holders. It was a long day and so last night it was early to bed. Today I was up early, cleaning and tidying, ready to make a start on the ever expanding to-do list. There is one week to go until I go part-time at the day job and return to almost full-time self-employment. Woooo!

01 September 2011


...of the paint that has slowly been building up to nearly a shelf full! i have been trying to take photos for the past couple of days of work/sewing/printing but no decent pictures to show. a fast click gave me the photo above after todays postman delivery. thanks to the day job and all the lovely shoppers at markets, online, shops - i was able to order seventeen tubes/pots on Thursday after I recevied an email offering me fifty percent off system 3 paints. my head is fit to burst with all the colour and layer options now avaiable to me without worrying if the budget will allow for it as they are now there to be used. my last full proper print - the circus one - was a five colour one so who knows what we may end up with once i get in the print room.

24 August 2011


...for your diary. Saltaire Arts Trail is holding a one day Festival Special on Saturday 10th September 2011 and I am very pleased to let you all know that my work has been selected to be part of their Maker's Fair! Yay! i will be there with the usual wares and hopefully some new ones. as per the earlier posts, I have been printing nearly every day and am now at the final stages of sorting out a new batch of purses. once these are done i think i am going to hand paint the screen with a cat-i think that is what i have decided. the man and butterfly print is still on my mind but that needs some serious hours on it once the to-do list is smaller. best get over to the desk and crack on.

22 August 2011

printing session...

...from yesterday. i had a lovely day printing various bits and bobs. things i have printed before and also  some new star gift tags. these i will post a picture of later once i have put the 'cotton' on. i am going to be printing this evening - hopefully raindrops for the left over clouds i have and some for badges. i have been intending to paint up a new design on my blank screen but what to pick out of the sketchbook? the screen fell on my wrist part way through the session as i don't have a counterweight balance-y thing to hold the screen up and my wrist is slightly tender-no bruise as of yet, i suppose I'll live. it was a fair thwack though. bit scary.

20 August 2011

this morning...

...i took a photo of what i printed last night. finally back in the swing after two weeks of holiday blues and all sorts of jazz. doing illustration work has been very up and down since we came back from a very lovely break in the Dales. last night i printed one hundred cards - fifty of each lion design. the new card rack is helping sales so stock needs to be replenished! am printing again today - raincloud purses as i only have one left and have a lot of zips to use, star cards, raincloud cards, bird cards/sketchbooks and raindrops/plush clouds. there is a new design i would like to paint out but unsure what i will get done in time. stay tuned for updates.

30 July 2011

back with the pencil...

...here is page 82 - drawing with the pencil today while sat at the lovely Cooper Gallery Summer Fayre in Barnsley. Nice day was spent chatting to people and had a couple of really nice customers visit me. there is only one and a half pages left in this sketchbook now but it has taken me a very long time to do the last few pages. alot of scribbling has been done in the big sketchbook which is just getting messy but i find myself a bit shaky handed when coming to draw at the moment - i think this is due to exhaustion and there is now six and half days of holiday to look forward to as i have booked a week off from the day job. yay. i am unsure where the sticker came from - think it came off a shampoo bottle. i haven't collected any fruit or price stickers or stickers of any kind for a while now.

27 July 2011


...painting as fast at the claw hand and time will allow. there will be four new fish paintings around and about this week. first one is up on etsy now - i think this is my favorite of the batch as it has 'V' words on it, especially 'vagabond'. i should be printing or doing something else print related this evening but i am putting my feet up in front of the telly box with the sketchbook and a brew. i have been 'browsing' for smart phones and the best deals this week - no outcome as of yet - it is mind boggling the variety on offer and when combined with an o2 shop assistant sprouting jargon at you, when your current phone is a brick and has actual buttons, the brain aches.


26 July 2011


...thought i would share what work is currently on my desk. i took this photograph about ten minutes ago - again i find myself struggling to get a clear shot but it is not too bad. i think my camera needs to be used more often. so this evening as you can see, i have some fish paintings to finish off. just got the robot fish faces to paint, then it outline and detail time. i have been doing these since Sunday. they haven't taken me too long but i originally meant to have them done last week but tiredness got in the way along with the day job. below are details of this weeks fair.

COOPER GALLERY SUMMER FAYRE - This Saturday from 10am - 4pm. Church Street in Barnsley.

23 July 2011


...time to go off topic for a post - thought i would share a photograph of the Dr Mr with his Nanna Duncan. There was a family group of us, his mum, his sister, his nanny and we watched him wear a silly grin all day on Monday as he graduated from his PhD at Manchester Museum from the University of Manchester. The weather was typical Mancland weather and though it was raining, we were glad it wasn't heavy rain. He looks very smart in his fancy gown and we are very proud of his hard work and achievements.

17 July 2011


...at Craft Candy's last ever fair was a table full of my wares and I would like to say thank you - a huge thank you with a hug using both of my arms as that's what i do - to all who came, looked, chatted and bought things. i was invited to be a part of it last minute on Friday night and had a little time to prepare but once all the work was put out and displayed right, it made me realise that i need not have worried. this weekend has been hectic. last night the Mr Dr and i went out for a stunning meal at the 3acres to celebrate his new job and the end of his PhD as it will be his graduation ceremony tomorrow. today i have been to see the final Harry Potter and it was intense and amazing. really enjoyed it. this evening, although i could nap forever, i am going over to the desk to continue with my work - sewing and maybe a bit of painting as i only have one fish painting left and i do love painting them guys.

15 July 2011


...out and about with my printed and handmade wares at Craft Candy's Summer Fair in Sheffield at the Millennium Gallery. This will be Craft Candy's last fair and they are going out with a bang! The fair will feature over 30 stalls of contemporary craft, art and photography from talented makers from Sheffield and around the UK. it will be an amazing event that i am so pleased to be a part of - happy and sad at the same time. i have been at home for a couple of hours, soon to be printing some last minute bits as an order arrived yesterday. there will be a few new things to see - the new super card rack and the bits i have been working on-please see previous blog entries. Hope to see you there - come and say hello and i may draw in your sketchbook. (please note that on the spot drawings will not be masterpieces)

13 July 2011


...on the up are the raincloud mobiles that i made and printed years ago-more to be made soon as the calico seems to be multiplying on its own in the stash boxes. the updated online shops seem to be heading in the right direction. here is another treasury that my work is very nicely featured in - put together by BrooklynLoveDesigns. it all takes time, time i seem to have when i am napping but when i am not, time disappears with phaffing or way off the path thinking. time at the moment is spent trying to get my hands on much needed supplies via the internet and as usual - things are out of stock! time is now also taken up with playing Scrabble over the net with the Dr Mr whilst also talking on Skype. often try and do some drawing or sewing while waiting for my scrabble turn. he is home this Friday for a long visit as it is his Graduation Celebration weekend with the proper fancy pillow hat thing and gown on Monday.

11 July 2011


...this painting this evening. the whole work progress at the moment is very mellow and chilled out. things are getting made, re-stocked and listed. future decisions still have not be made but have been thought about in the old brain a tad more. i feel quite happy with what work i am planning - think i just need to carry on and it will come out in time. sad news is that my work will no longer be in Indie Cindy after the end of July as the pop-up shop is closing. good news is that i will be taking part in a couple of fairs this summer. there were more on the cards but i decided that it may be best to have a rest and part of the resting will also be done in my birthday week off. doubt it - i am sure the screens will be out for a spot of printing.

Saturday 30th July 2011 - Summer Fayre at The Cooper Gallery at Barnsley
Saturday 13th August 2011 - Summer Fayre at The Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield

coming soon will be the 'C' word dates but it is too early to mention them - we are only just in July.

10 July 2011

sorting out...

...it is the weekend and after a nice week at the day job - i have been at home working on the de-cluttering and to-do list of illustration. it is getting easier every day and up above is a Artist Proof print that was made by me in 2008 - now on etsy. i have been finding things in various places and they are going up for sale online and will be taken to future fairs. all proceeds as before are going to into the self-employment fund and hopefully printmaking fund. much drawing hasn't been done this week as a result of the clearing out but there is the birthday week holiday. we have booked one day out to go to a local farm/animal show thing. am excited to see the chickens, pigeons and hairy highland cows.

04 July 2011

little details...

...whilst sat in the garden in the glorious sunshine yesterday, i stitched into a fabric print of the old lion and accordion design. three of these were printed last year on to fabric and they have been on the to-do list ever since. at the moment, it seems right to be working through the to-do list again in order to have space ready for the fresh things. i really enjoyed working on this as it felt quite relaxing at the same time - it was a strange feeling and i wish there were more days like it. fingers are crossed for nice or enjoyable weather as i have booked a week off for my birthday. a as part of the birthday celebrations, the above print is listed on etsy for the special price of £30 seeing as that number is what birthday it will be this year. when i have finished the other one - that will be going on folksy. if anything doesn't sell on the online shops - they will be taken to my next fair which is in Barnsley on 30th July. More details of this to follow, along with other birthday related things...maybe.

...teeny tiny stitches can be seen here. thought i would add another photo as am unsure if any readers will be able to pick out where i have stitched. i put three colours in the mane and tail area, two colours on the little seat and a glitter type thread on the alternate bellows of the accordion.

28 June 2011

plush treasury...

...one of my old makes, the raincloud plush/mobile has been featured in an etsy treasury which was curated by AestheticExposure which is very nice and again the raincloud was only added to the online shop yesterday evening. some people have super fast eyes. this week in the evenings after the day job, i have been making the small illustrated badges, packing up printed cards and books. i have some print plans to put into action to make use of some unused supplies and half-finished things. hoping this may be towards the end of the week. taking one day at a time as my brain needs to slow down and rest.

25 June 2011


...in this lovely etsy treasury put together by aclementina which is very nice considering i only updated the etsy shop last night. i thought i would attempt the online shops again and sooner than planned with some of the nicer photos i have taken. proper photos of work, prints and sketchbooks will soon be done by a friend of mine once some of the work has been made back up. it is encouraging to know that people are looking at my work and like it enough to feature it and buy it as i am currently trying to make some major decisions about what to do. sometimes i think it is best to just wander but maybe a planned path will be the way?

links to either one of my online shops can be found in the sidebar to the right - etsy or folksy - give them a click and magic links will take you there.

09 June 2011


...in the sky that looks like it is going to rain, is a little star. screen-printed not so long back with my own fair hands using the home printing equipment. these were first released at the Saltaire Arts Trail and i am in the middle of printing the second batch with my new small squeegees. these will soon be on etsy in the update once me and the camera have a good enough period of time with natural light. originally, i thought i had a drawing to share this evening but turns out what i drew was rubbish on second sight. this weekend i will be visiting a friend and seeing the Mr Dr in Stoke and will be taking the sketchbook so i am hoping a change of scenery will do my brain wonders.

Huge thank you to all who visited my stall in Saltaire and Leeds these past two weekends. It is very much appreciated and the print funds are growing. I am deciding what is best to do with my time and am now considering joining a nearby print studio. These funds will help go towards membership, studio hours and possible supplies.

29 May 2011


...a snap of a small portion of my stall that is currently at Saltaire's Maker's Fair as part of their Art Festival. i was going to show you a full stall photo with me in it but decided that my face looked a tad funny. the card rack is a new purchase in the hope of displaying things better. i first bought a cardboard rack last year in August and although they are good - we couldn't put it together as simple as they made it look on the seven second video and ended up breaking it in frustration. after many moons of deliberating over this rack, i finally dived in and have used it for the first time this weekend. more people are looking and sales have increased slightly on these particular items. therefore Sir Alan Debbie would say - if you are thinking about investing in shop display things/equipment, give it a serious thought, do some research and/or ask other stall holders about their displays if you like what you and see. if you don't try - you will never know what works best for your work. i am off now to finish sewing two batches of red bunting as there is none left for tomorrow. if you are nearby or happen to be in Saltaire tomorrow, please come say hello.

LAST DAY TOMORROW - Bank Holiday Monday 30th May 2011 - Victoria Hall in Saltaire. All sales help towards new print supplies and to pay the taxman.