12 December 2010

as i post...

...my mister's mother has kindly let me use her sewing machine and software to stitch my lion drawing into an embroidery! it was bit tricky to use the software so we called the technical guy for support - the mister. it is an exciting development as i originally decided against buying a new sewing machine in favour of silkscreens a couple of years back. it is an exciting to see something used in a new way. it is taking twenty seven minutes to sew and instead of leaving the machine to do its thing and get on with something else, we cant help but sit and watch it.

we have got carried away and done another design - book reading lion. learning more about how it works. not sure quite what to do with them or how to go forward with it all. another thing i guess to add to the to-do list...wasn't i supposed to be just concentrating on picture books?