03 August 2010

on the desk...

...update (there is no natural light at the moment-just rain). well i have been in and out of the print room the last couple of days. learnt a lot about making my positives or veggie layers as i like to call them so for the circus man lion combo, i will be trying out a fancy laser printing place. i have been on a mission since i left work, to sort out my supplies in one way or another. 80% of things have been donated or sold and so i am down to the last few bits. i have been printing up old card designs from the original screen before it gets washed off, printing the accordion lion on old paper stock and painting up little fish for about twenty old window cards i had sitting on the stock shelf. only a few more bits left to use! the print room is now closed for two weeks so i have a chance to crack on with tweaking new designs ready for my screens. yesterday i turned two and nine so i think this week i shall be having a give away - keep your eyes on the prize!

Manchester Craft Mafia Handmade Summer Fair - Saturday 28th August 2010 - Whitworth Art Gallery - Manchester. I will be there with my illustration things with loads of other crafty people. full and proper details to follow.