14 July 2010


...last week on Tuesday, i gave my first ever demonstration to the Lo-Fi DIY crowd of lovely people. it was a great evening, and i enjoyed it so much. it was very busy and my face did not go lollipop red which is the norm as well as making up new words. i showed people how to use Shrink Plastic (shrinkies) to make all kinds of different things. everyone got stuck in with creating designs and colouring in but we reached a hiccup when we tried to use Fred's oven in his cafe. his is an industrial one as opposed to a domestic oven which is what i normally use. all was well though after an explanation, everyone continued with their designs and took their work home to shrink so we shall be having a big show and tell at the next Lo-Fi DIY meet-up. i also made my first ever fact sheet to email out the next day and i think this is something i should do beforehand to hand out before/during/after demo-time.

if you wish to spot me, i am the one in the pink cardigan, standing up near the doorway and kinda in the middle of the photo. photo credits go to Chris and also thanks to Lisa who looks after the Manchester Craft Mafia Facebook page - where i got this photo from.

...on Sunday, Manchester Craft Mafia will be in Didsbury at the above event with our huge gazebo full of our lovely handmade things but without me. the new computer, now named 'Super Titan' is on the dining table behind me. i am letting it settle in for the evening before i unleash the work on it tomorrow afternoon. i have been drawing but am struggling with the development of the characters and story spreads but i have to remember that if i stick with it, i am bound to get through the 'wall' soon. self teaching and independent learning is/can be quite hard. i will keep drawing.
new computer...

...the new one is here but don't tell the laptop. at this very moment we have set it up in the living room and installing everything. i can not believe how quick the delivery was! in the end we picked a PC over a laptop and Mac. specification wise, i haven't a clue what it is but it is a beast. i needed something affordable, pretty strong electronic wise and it is a new speedy bag of tricks. i have forever been a PC user and John is pretty good at sorting out/building/fixing them. i don't know if i could handle learning how to use a Mac and to have one would have been nice but maybe in another five or so years, who knows. bless the little laptop, it has been with me since i started university but it is so tired and slow now.

in other news, all i have been doing is making with a little bit of drawing while this laptop drama has been unfolding. i now have little robotingtons, bunting and raindrop badges. no small illustrated badges as the shop is out of stock of my supplies. i still have some left for the weekend but just a few. i really wanted to make some new designs but nope, that idea is on hold for now.