20 May 2010


...it is getting fair nice outside but inside i stay, sat at the desk. i have been working on the 'to-do' lists and all is coming together except for the website and colouring in. the watercolours are quite nice to play with where as with the acrylics, i find it hard to put colours next to each other and just overall, none of it looks like it's me. i am just going to keep at it as its a progression thing. i like some of it and will keep trying to mix the paints. at the moment i have an idea to do some collage type stuff using print made stuff so will have to see.

Cherry Cherry in Norwich now stocks some of my print/craft items. The shop is run by a lovely lady called Kate Seaward and provides us creative types, artists, designers, illustrators and crafters with the chance to show off our wares.