31 January 2010

ram jam packed in...

...each page gets more squashed and each lion gets smaller. need to find the space again. i worked at the cafe yesterday and today was a day off so i attempted to do everything i could. completed about eighty percent of the tasks. left overs are being carried over to the week ahead. i keep drawing. the story haunts my every move. sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad 'thinking' way. i just want to zap colour in. the stretched paper went all wrinkly in places but i am going to paint on it anyway. i am taking the thumbnails to bed while i watch the 'larkrise' folk do what they do. may give me some ideas for other/new characters and bits - plus i need to relax. cafe tomorrow.

today i updated ebay with about thirty items. most are buttons along with bundles of fancy fibres, old vintage photographs, smarties lids and a job lot of ribbon. i can see the flat and my brainwaves getting cleaner already. i think beads and sequins will be in the next update as i ran out of time. if you want to take a peek, please email me for my shop link. all funds raised are going towards print room funds.

thanks once again.