25 January 2010

dear diary...

...the weekend was very much like this page. i was at work where i made the muffins. i ate sushi, though technically that was on Thursday but that's on the right side of week which heads towards the weekend. i also visited my granma in Huddersfield. today i had the day off and so far so good. i have cleaned, phaffed for a bit and drawn. i went out in the afternoon to get some fresh air for the nose with katieface. we like going out and finding bargains mainly to do with household or grocery items. this evening is thumbnail evening. i have more photocopies of drawn out thumbnails on A3, that are ready for me to fill in. may do some colour work as i have cleaned the palette.

thanks to all who are watching and/or bidding on a few of the items. most items end in about two days time. please remember that there are other items to come, more buttons, sequins, beads and other bits, maybe some of the fabric stash. all money made is going towards print room funds. first on the list are some Lascaux printing inks, paper and hours in the studio.