05 January 2010

new year...

...i am working in a big sketchbook. it has been everywhere. i just carry it around with me and sometimes it doesn't get drawn in. sometimes it goes all the way to work with me for no reason. we have recently been to Stoke together to see the other Debbie and i was able to draw non-stop until i reached a little block wall. i was without colour, without felt-tips or crayons so this evening, back in Mancland, i got out the basics, the watercolour box and just played around. nowt too heavy or complicated. colour will take time but this time i mean it. i tried to crop the image above, move things around but i felt i had to leave it as it was. i want to share some of more my story based drawings but i feel i can't in order to protect the state of play. in time...some time in 2010.

super mega thanks to all of you who came to the Christmas Markets back in December. Thanks for looking, talking, chatting, buying and everything in between and outside. it was great.