11 December 2010


...is not quite the word i would use but i have been trying my best to get on top of things this past week. working during the day and doing double-time overtime is bringing out the worst tired feeling ever but the light at the end of the tunnel will be some kind of print room set up as a reward at the end when the mister finds a job. i have been trying to do as much illustration work as i can in the evening until the nap monster attacks for the christmas fairs. some things have sold out - thank you - and its been difficult to replace some items though they will be replaced asap!

This Sunday - Christmas Shopping at HOLMFIRTH MARKET near Huddersfield, 10am until 5pm and then next week I will be at The Whitworth Art Gallery with MANCHESTER CRAFT MAFIA'S CHRISTMAS CRAFT FAIR in Manchester, 10am til 4pm.

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