13 December 2010

this weekend...

...will be the last fair i take part in for this year. this Saturday, I will be at the above fair with Manchester Craft Mafia and their friends in my second home, Manchester.i will also be doing a Christmas pudding bauble workshop - if the postman brings my supplies in time! there is a plan b in place. the snow is starting to stress me right out as it plays havoc with everything i try to do! back to the fair, i will be there with my wares and maybe some new show and tell things if i manage to squeeze in drawing/making time after the day job. entry is FREE and everyone is welcome. there will be lots of other stalls selling a wide variety of handmade gifts and treats.

12 December 2010

as i post...

...my mister's mother has kindly let me use her sewing machine and software to stitch my lion drawing into an embroidery! it was bit tricky to use the software so we called the technical guy for support - the mister. it is an exciting development as i originally decided against buying a new sewing machine in favour of silkscreens a couple of years back. it is an exciting to see something used in a new way. it is taking twenty seven minutes to sew and instead of leaving the machine to do its thing and get on with something else, we cant help but sit and watch it.

we have got carried away and done another design - book reading lion. learning more about how it works. not sure quite what to do with them or how to go forward with it all. another thing i guess to add to the to-do list...wasn't i supposed to be just concentrating on picture books?

11 December 2010


...is not quite the word i would use but i have been trying my best to get on top of things this past week. working during the day and doing double-time overtime is bringing out the worst tired feeling ever but the light at the end of the tunnel will be some kind of print room set up as a reward at the end when the mister finds a job. i have been trying to do as much illustration work as i can in the evening until the nap monster attacks for the christmas fairs. some things have sold out - thank you - and its been difficult to replace some items though they will be replaced asap!

This Sunday - Christmas Shopping at HOLMFIRTH MARKET near Huddersfield, 10am until 5pm and then next week I will be at The Whitworth Art Gallery with MANCHESTER CRAFT MAFIA'S CHRISTMAS CRAFT FAIR in Manchester, 10am til 4pm.

05 December 2010


...is slowly moving into tomorrow. above is picture of the lovely Leeds Corn Exchange and today's play date was with ReetSweet Events and their Christmas Fair. My stall can be seen second from the bottom left hand corner of the screen - near the tree. It was a lovely day - little bit more relaxed than last week's fair and there were time for a little bit of talking/seeing this time. Thanks to everyone who came and took things away - its really appreciated - its helping the print room fund grow! i am trying my best to get work ready for the up coming fairs but who knows what i will have as the day job is quiet tiring. quicker plans and ideas are having to be moved up the to-do list so we shall see what the results are. fingers crossed.

...if you would like to read more about last weeks event that was in Sheffield and to see a picture of my grin, please click on the link Craft Candy to go to their blog.