15 November 2010


...just to say that i am back from our super mega trip. photo above is from New York when we found a Hello Kitty hiding in a courtyard place-cant remember where-on our way to MOMA i think! just getting to grips with living back in Huddersfield and a slower pace of life, catching up with emails, seeing family and friends and just general 'to-doing' of work. i have to say that i tried drawing on holiday but we were just moving around so fast here, there and everywhere, that there weren't really stopping time for doodles. resting time was taken up by burger eating and watching Law and Order-SVU or NCIS - terrible but addictive telly. the mister drove us from NY to California and back - about 8500 miles i think - give or take a few. there are photos to look at and draw from, plus plenty of inspiration in my head so we shall just have to see what comes out of the pencil end of it all in a few weeks.

ReetSweet 2 - Art, Design and Neo Craft Shopping Fair at Leeds Corn Exchange Sunday 5th December - more info here and to follow! Put it in your diaries and pass on the invite!

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moombaduo- Andy Wong said...

Welcome back Debbie:D Looks like you've had a great time, hope to hear tales of your adventure soon.
No worries about drawing on holiday, use the things you saw as inspiration for future work^-^