05 October 2010

hello from...

...the USA! just a quick one to say that the mister and i are away for about seven weeks. photo above is me doing my 'Up' pose of 'Adventure is out there!' We flew out of Heathrow on 30th September to JFK in New York and spent the next day walking over 100 blocks round the city in the rain - weather was just like Manchester. We then went up to Niagara Falls and drove on to Toronto which looked awesome at night-time as we drove along the Gardiner Highway through the city. Spent the next day walking round the city and went up the CN Tower. At the moment we are in Chicago and we have been to see The Bean, Buckingham Waterfall and up the John Hancock Tower where David Schwimmer (Ross from Friends) gave us a tour at the observation deck. (an audio tour) I haven't drawn a thing yet as my eyes have been too busy but i have taken loads of photos.


moombaduo- Andy Wong said...

Woot! that all sounds amazing:D glad you guys got to the US ok and are having a good time^-^ Niagara Falls look breathtaking indeed- will have to go one day.
Keep us posted on the adventures when you can yo!

crom said...

wow, didn't know you were in the states!! have a great trip!

Rose Hudson said...

Just incase you miss the exhibition..


P.S. I loved Chicago, did you visit the Navy pier and purchase the cinnamon pecan nuts?!