02 September 2010


...while waiting for the print room and while looking at my materials box and while looking at my to-do list, i decided it was time to use up some stuff. the cross-stitch pattern was drawn out and tested back in 2007 and had been sat in the 'what should i do with this?' box for ages. i had a play around and adapted the pattern to fit in these little oval frames i had in my stash. they didn't take long to sew - three in a day whilst watching 'Murder She Wrote' and 'Ugly Betty' - i am chuffed with how they look. soon to be in etsy and stockists i reckon but i want to look after them for a bit first! today i went to the print room in my sunglasses and flip flops, to expose the screens ready for printing tomorrow. i am so excited to be in the print room properly - with the old day job it was stop start stop start all the time.

Just a little note to say - please do not copy this cross-stitch pattern as it is my own design and it is part of my work.

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