23 September 2010

slow and fast...

...everything has happened and is happening all at once! i have been 'all over busy' these past couple of weeks. the mister was writing his thesis and handed it in on Monday! we are nearing the end of packing the flat up to move and just about to start packing the holiday suitcases. bits have been sorted out already - mainly sketchbooks, pencils and camera. there is just enough time for a quick update with a lion page, an update about shops and a date for your diaries as Super Titan will soon have to go in a box. the online shops are now on 'holiday mode' but my work can be found in proper brick wall shops if you fancy taking a peek at anything.

PAD in Preston. CHERRY CHERRY in Norwich. THE SPIDER AND THE FLY in Edinburgh.
Soon to have a couple of prints in COMMA in Oxford.

Please put a note in your diaries for CRAFT CANDY's Christmas Craft Fair on 27th November 2010 at Millennium Gallery in Sheffield from 10am til pm. Please come and say hello.


doro said...

hey deb,
have a good move and nice trip as well!

Mon Petit Lapin said...

heheh like thi sone, good luck picking those new trainers!