05 September 2010


...on Friday, i got to print the ringmaster and Brian. originally drawn in April sometime and it has been been waiting a month to get onto a screen since i potato-chopped it- here it is after two attempts to take a decent photo. i think i need digital camera lessons. this is the best i could do with the natural light from the patio type door things. in the end i went for five colours and left the red of his belt and hat band off/out. all 20 prints of the edition came out beautifully - good news for me who has never registered that many colours before! it was the biggest and best adrenalin rush ever - all in four hours. i recycled pots of colours that other people had left and they were quite good match's for what i had in mind.one will soon be on etsy and maybe a couple in the brick and mortar shops.

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