23 September 2010

slow and fast...

...everything has happened and is happening all at once! i have been 'all over busy' these past couple of weeks. the mister was writing his thesis and handed it in on Monday! we are nearing the end of packing the flat up to move and just about to start packing the holiday suitcases. bits have been sorted out already - mainly sketchbooks, pencils and camera. there is just enough time for a quick update with a lion page, an update about shops and a date for your diaries as Super Titan will soon have to go in a box. the online shops are now on 'holiday mode' but my work can be found in proper brick wall shops if you fancy taking a peek at anything.

PAD in Preston. CHERRY CHERRY in Norwich. THE SPIDER AND THE FLY in Edinburgh.
Soon to have a couple of prints in COMMA in Oxford.

Please put a note in your diaries for CRAFT CANDY's Christmas Craft Fair on 27th November 2010 at Millennium Gallery in Sheffield from 10am til pm. Please come and say hello.

15 September 2010

nearing the end...

...soon to be jumping right in to a new travelling sketchbook. the last week or so has been stop and start with work as there is alot going on. i am starting to book events for late November and December and just do work in general but it is forever exhausting whilst also trying to pack up a flat and a holiday suitcase. everything feels on hold and like i am living in limbo. i must crack on as i some how have now been struck by a force that says it is now ok to move that pencil (even though it said that last week). it was like a heavy weight last week - made me all jittery and all i could draw were wonky lines. lets see what this evening pans out like.

10 September 2010


...attempts to draw and print this week, did not go well. i even went outside for the first time in ages to draw but nope - the pencil didn't want to move. it has been a funny old week and i have tried my hardest to do things so in the end i decided to make some badges and stitch some more robot pictures ready for when we return from the trip. i am away for the weekend in Stoke again and the sketchbook is coming with me. i have made some plans ready for next week but there is only about two weeks to go before we have to pack up and move, then pack up and fly.

06 September 2010

seven and six...

...page seventy-six. not sure what to write about as i have been pretty busy with the doing of work. i have just sent loads of stock out and once again it all needs replenishing which takes bit of phaffing around. i spent much of yesterday ordering stock supplies, labelling and packing up work and wrapping up prints. today i took alot of parcels to the post office so new stock will be landing in PAD, CHERRY CHERRY and THE SPIDER AND THE FLY. i am not sure what to do this evening - i want to draw ready for the print room but something is telling me to wait until tomorrow so i may stitch lion badges as there is a fair few to do.

Put it in your diary - Craft Candy Cane Christmas Fair - 27th November 2010. I will be there with new prints, sewings and things, along with lots of other lovely stalls. More information to follow.

05 September 2010


...i posted about this project the other day but here are some new bits of information. i have submitted some work (above print) but will be unable to be at the exhibition launch night as we are flying out that day-everything happens when i am in another country!

See the Papergirl Manchester submissions before they are distributed, at their exhibition launch night, on Thursday 30th September from 7pm at the Soup Kitchen in the Northern Quarter of Mancland. Papergirl Manchester will showcase artists from Russia, Estonia, Canada, France, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, U.S.A, Sweden, Italy, Germany and the UK. So far the project has received almost 700 pieces of work that will be distributed. The exhibition will feature at least one piece by each artist. so why not join Papergirl and everyone for a drink, see the work and find out more - or visit here wecurate or here papergirlmanchester

...on Friday, i got to print the ringmaster and Brian. originally drawn in April sometime and it has been been waiting a month to get onto a screen since i potato-chopped it- here it is after two attempts to take a decent photo. i think i need digital camera lessons. this is the best i could do with the natural light from the patio type door things. in the end i went for five colours and left the red of his belt and hat band off/out. all 20 prints of the edition came out beautifully - good news for me who has never registered that many colours before! it was the biggest and best adrenalin rush ever - all in four hours. i recycled pots of colours that other people had left and they were quite good match's for what i had in mind.one will soon be on etsy and maybe a couple in the brick and mortar shops.

02 September 2010


...while waiting for the print room and while looking at my materials box and while looking at my to-do list, i decided it was time to use up some stuff. the cross-stitch pattern was drawn out and tested back in 2007 and had been sat in the 'what should i do with this?' box for ages. i had a play around and adapted the pattern to fit in these little oval frames i had in my stash. they didn't take long to sew - three in a day whilst watching 'Murder She Wrote' and 'Ugly Betty' - i am chuffed with how they look. soon to be in etsy and stockists i reckon but i want to look after them for a bit first! today i went to the print room in my sunglasses and flip flops, to expose the screens ready for printing tomorrow. i am so excited to be in the print room properly - with the old day job it was stop start stop start all the time.

Just a little note to say - please do not copy this cross-stitch pattern as it is my own design and it is part of my work.

01 September 2010


...printed yesterday during a mad two hour stint in the print room. i saw/heard/read about 'Papergirl Manchester'  and thought i would join in. here is some info taken from the site - Papergirl is an art project from Berlin. In the style of American paper-boys, rolled art pieces will be distributed by bicycle in the streets of Manchester to random passers-by. With the support of Papergirl Berlin; it will consist of an exhibition, distribution of art and a party. Manchester will be Papergirl’s UK debut.

the first attempt of the raincloud pattern print didn't work out so i thought that this project was an excuse to give it another go as a Manchester project deserved something to do with Manchester rain. i only got twelve decent prints out of an attempt of twenty as the screen kept 'ghosting' and so I gave Janice of Papergirl Manchester eight of them and some lion postcards to hand out. one of the raincloud pattern prints is up for sale on etsy right now. it is a print room day tomorrow and i will be exposing a screen - the circus image.