25 August 2010

working layers...

...bit like t-shirts and jumpers. i have been phaffing around with the layers of the circus screen-print. as the story goes, i had been working on this above image and i thought it was all stations go until i found out that the print room was having a two week summer break. thus, unable to do anything, the design started laying heavy on/in my mind and so i began playing with textures and that 'til the cows came home. it is going on to a screen tomorrow and fingers crossed it will come out ok. i have since deleted some layers as it was getting bit over fussy and as i am not that confident with colour - i thought i should scale back the mission. currently it is between 4. 5 or 6 colours. am off for some shut eye on this situation. where is the A-Team when you need them?

MCM's Handmade Summer Fair - The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester - Saturday 28th August 2010 - 10am until 4pm

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