31 August 2010


...a super mega thank you to Deb and Vicky who came all the way from Stoke to help me out on the day-bless 'em. thank you to everyone who came and said hello - it was a good day but it was a little bit quiet as Pride was on, amongst a few other things. i was exhausted and it was time for a rest, so i stayed in the car after dropping my work off and went back to Stoke with Deb and Vicky. Deb and I crammed so much into our little weekend - chinese takeaway (it was so nice), watched a film, played bingo, visited a car boot and craft fair, visited Deb's work two days running, and we did a bit of shopping. i got home yesterday and was itching to do some work. i used to look forward to days off from work but now, i ain't so sure - i think i miss work.

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