10 August 2010

old and new...

...old holidays and new friends. hello sunshine and hello super titan. i drew this page in a game of two halves, one part in June and the other part, last night. i am on an oval roll at the moment with everything, fits and spurts, up and down, good and bad. today i finished off a hell of a lot of tip-tap-typing and am starting the ball rolling for a Manchester Craft Mafia collaborative project...we are trying to build a crafty city - a Mini Manchester - a Not so Big North! if you want further details now of how to take part, please email me at deb at debbie greenaway dot com. you can sew, knit, stitch a building, make one out of wood, paper, card or clay. all buildings must be no bigger than 20cm by 20cm by 20cm and can be as tiny as you wish. more details will follow shortly once i have completed the full submission guidelines.

MCM are having an evening re-launch night next Thursday at the Whitworth Art Gallery, if you are interested and would like an invite, please email me at the address in the above paragraph.

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D*fusion said...

Dear Mzz Snail (Lady Deb)
I love your drawings!
Am especially fond of the
swimming mailbox!
Always a fun visit.