05 August 2010

hot off the press...

...printed and dried and waiting for me to spend an age cutting them out, are some of my illustrated badges. my supplies finally arrived in the post this morning after waiting a month and no sooner had they arrived, they got all used up and so another order has been placed. i am hoping if time allows this evening, that i will be able to finish off these badges, screenprint plans ready for hotbedpress when it re-opens after its summer break and to also finish off two/three new badge designs. it is all go and as well as wishing for an extra day in the week, i am now making wishes for an extra pair of arms.

super mega giveaway time - leave a comment on the post below to enter into a draw to be in with a chance of winning an accordion and lion screenprint.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Debs, don't forget to give me a quote on a couple mini-robtingon's!

Would like to get 2 if possible when you guys come over.