07 August 2010

full steam...

...ahead. i have been making badges for the past two days for the shops that stock my work. using old and new materials, so i am now down to just three standard plastic boxes of stuff. it has taken me about ten months from the initial deep clean, right through to using super to-do lists to get it all doing something to help generate print room funds. up above there are some lion badges made from old fabric and sewing thread. my original idea was a plastic lion badge like the fox but i got to use up some more of my stuff - stash be gone! drawing for the third screenprint is under way - attempting a book spread kinda image and this may need a bit of mid/early morning experimentation to just push it a bit more. i tend to work better in the middle of the night sometimes. i have a week to figure it out before the printroom re-opens for play.


Kayleigh said...

I love these badges. :) x

Ohioja! said...

I love and i want these badges :°°D
they are so so so so so cute!

natural attrill said...

Hi Deb,

Sorry not to have been in contact for ages, life seems just so busy!
I've just seen these badges, they are GREAT !!! I love them, really unusual and cute.