08 August 2010

back to basics...

...a little bit of lion diary drawing. i last drew in 'ere at the beginning of June when we were away in Turkey but it was too hot and i was too tired and so decided the best thing to do on holiday was rest. i only managed to read 3/4's of a book and i normally read 3 full books! terrible. late last night - 3am again - i finished off the page above. some how this week i have got into a bad working pattern with time, what with the mister writing his thesis as well - we are keeping vampire hours. for this week ahead, i will mostly be working on the stories and printwork. all craft work is nearly done and dusted i reckon.

that there is a giveaway further down this blog - there is one week left to enter to be in with a chance of winning a screenprint.

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crom said...

hello ladysnail!!

I was really happy to see your comment :) Im gald you still check my blog from time to time . it was about time I stopped neglecting it :)

thanks a lot for the comment!!