31 August 2010


...a super mega thank you to Deb and Vicky who came all the way from Stoke to help me out on the day-bless 'em. thank you to everyone who came and said hello - it was a good day but it was a little bit quiet as Pride was on, amongst a few other things. i was exhausted and it was time for a rest, so i stayed in the car after dropping my work off and went back to Stoke with Deb and Vicky. Deb and I crammed so much into our little weekend - chinese takeaway (it was so nice), watched a film, played bingo, visited a car boot and craft fair, visited Deb's work two days running, and we did a bit of shopping. i got home yesterday and was itching to do some work. i used to look forward to days off from work but now, i ain't so sure - i think i miss work.

27 August 2010

back in graphite...

....back on the sketching front of things with a page from the A5 book. the other day i had to wait an hour for fancy printouts from the fancy printers, so i sat in St. Ann's Square in Mancland and filled in some blank areas and drew a page and a bit. the print room was a game of half and halves again, i was still unhappy with the circus image so i only only exposed the one design but then was unable to print it as the tables are fully booked. so its a waiting game until Tuesday. i am itching to print as after Saturday it will be drawing and printing all the way until the USA trip.
for tomorrow...

...the sewing machine and i have been zooming up and down triangles to make this batch of bunting ready for the Manchester Craft Mafia Summer Fair. i was intending to make bunting using my own fabric patterns but the  tables are fully booked until Tuesday so i decided to make some using my stash of vintage and found fabric. another box of supplies have been used up which is good news. also if you come along tomorrow there will be a £1 material bag table featuring fabric, buttons, beads and all sorts of art materials that are unfortunately no longer needed by the MCM members.

Manchester Craft Mafia's Handmade Summer Fair at The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester from 10am until 4pm. FREE ADMISSION!

25 August 2010

working layers...

...bit like t-shirts and jumpers. i have been phaffing around with the layers of the circus screen-print. as the story goes, i had been working on this above image and i thought it was all stations go until i found out that the print room was having a two week summer break. thus, unable to do anything, the design started laying heavy on/in my mind and so i began playing with textures and that 'til the cows came home. it is going on to a screen tomorrow and fingers crossed it will come out ok. i have since deleted some layers as it was getting bit over fussy and as i am not that confident with colour - i thought i should scale back the mission. currently it is between 4. 5 or 6 colours. am off for some shut eye on this situation. where is the A-Team when you need them?

MCM's Handmade Summer Fair - The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester - Saturday 28th August 2010 - 10am until 4pm

23 August 2010


...this Saturday i will be at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester as part of the above event, details are above in the poster. please do come along if you can and support my work/table as i think this will be the last event i do before the mister and i fly off for seven weeks to the USA! On my stall you find the usual things that i draw and make as well as some new prints, badges and things.

18 August 2010

up in Scotland...

...in Edinburgh is a lovey little pop-up shop and i did mention it a few weeks ago. well, i am back to show you some pictures of Emily's shop of delights. Credit for these photos goes to Lucy Balloch. in the second one you can see a raincloud and some badges of mine. from what i can see, it looks like a magpie's nest of treasure. it is so exciting to be sending my work to other places. i sent some work up to Emily today - so if you are in the area of 65 Bread Street, why not pop in. unfortunately , i haven't the time to go travelling at the moment as i am busy with making prints and stock for the summer fair at the end of august. must crack on.

16 August 2010

brian freeze...

...and brain freeze. last week was hectic preparing and doing Manchester Craft Mafia work and then i had to have a day of rest with a much needed lie-in before we travelled to barnsley for a family wedding. Monday so far has been a day of emails and doing loads of little half finished jobs before i crack on with new prints, products and the brian lion story. i am hoping to go to the printroom this week to expose a screen or two. up above is some of the shopping we bought from the shelves of adsa. this sketchbook is nearly finished and soon there will only be one sketchbook - the story one.

prize draw results...

...about two weeks ago, i announced a SUPER MEGA GIVEAWAY of four 'accordion and lion' screen-prints. the husband was the official adjudicator and photographer. i used the olde-worlde method of pulling names out of a bag and so the winners are, Sarah, Doro, Katie and Clare. emails will be sent out shortly to the lucky four and i would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part and left a comment.

12 August 2010

think big...

...knit big. yesterday i started off the Whitworth's 'Big Scarf Knit' on these huge knitting needles that i got over two years ago from a crafting show. I thought i would knit a rug or something with them then but all they did was become big drumsticks that the mister and lads played with. finally they now have a job and are doing it very well. i am using seven different strands and colours of wool at a time and it grows super fast. Come along next Thursday evening to the Whitworth Art Gallery to see it, knit one pearl one and add to the 'Big Knit' - and meet the Manchester Craft Mafia.

10 August 2010

old and new...

...old holidays and new friends. hello sunshine and hello super titan. i drew this page in a game of two halves, one part in June and the other part, last night. i am on an oval roll at the moment with everything, fits and spurts, up and down, good and bad. today i finished off a hell of a lot of tip-tap-typing and am starting the ball rolling for a Manchester Craft Mafia collaborative project...we are trying to build a crafty city - a Mini Manchester - a Not so Big North! if you want further details now of how to take part, please email me at deb at debbie greenaway dot com. you can sew, knit, stitch a building, make one out of wood, paper, card or clay. all buildings must be no bigger than 20cm by 20cm by 20cm and can be as tiny as you wish. more details will follow shortly once i have completed the full submission guidelines.

MCM are having an evening re-launch night next Thursday at the Whitworth Art Gallery, if you are interested and would like an invite, please email me at the address in the above paragraph.

08 August 2010

back to basics...

...a little bit of lion diary drawing. i last drew in 'ere at the beginning of June when we were away in Turkey but it was too hot and i was too tired and so decided the best thing to do on holiday was rest. i only managed to read 3/4's of a book and i normally read 3 full books! terrible. late last night - 3am again - i finished off the page above. some how this week i have got into a bad working pattern with time, what with the mister writing his thesis as well - we are keeping vampire hours. for this week ahead, i will mostly be working on the stories and printwork. all craft work is nearly done and dusted i reckon.

that there is a giveaway further down this blog - there is one week left to enter to be in with a chance of winning a screenprint.

07 August 2010

full steam...

...ahead. i have been making badges for the past two days for the shops that stock my work. using old and new materials, so i am now down to just three standard plastic boxes of stuff. it has taken me about ten months from the initial deep clean, right through to using super to-do lists to get it all doing something to help generate print room funds. up above there are some lion badges made from old fabric and sewing thread. my original idea was a plastic lion badge like the fox but i got to use up some more of my stuff - stash be gone! drawing for the third screenprint is under way - attempting a book spread kinda image and this may need a bit of mid/early morning experimentation to just push it a bit more. i tend to work better in the middle of the night sometimes. i have a week to figure it out before the printroom re-opens for play.

05 August 2010

hot off the press...

...printed and dried and waiting for me to spend an age cutting them out, are some of my illustrated badges. my supplies finally arrived in the post this morning after waiting a month and no sooner had they arrived, they got all used up and so another order has been placed. i am hoping if time allows this evening, that i will be able to finish off these badges, screenprint plans ready for hotbedpress when it re-opens after its summer break and to also finish off two/three new badge designs. it is all go and as well as wishing for an extra day in the week, i am now making wishes for an extra pair of arms.

super mega giveaway time - leave a comment on the post below to enter into a draw to be in with a chance of winning an accordion and lion screenprint.

04 August 2010

super mega giveaway time...

...to celebrate the colour work, return to print room and turning two and nine, we are having a big fat giveaway. i have four accordion and lion screenprints that each need a good home.  these prints are the result of yesterday's hard work and as i am bit rusty with the registration process, some didn't cut the selection process for the edition, hence these are what i call artist proofs. the print area (lion) is roughly 10cm wide by 14cm long and is printed onto the centre of some thick A4 paper in three colours, the lion (yellow), the chair (dirty biscuit colour) and the outline (reddish brown). all the colours were recycled from the ones left on the shelf in the print room - waste not want not. each one will be signed and dated with AP in the corner and be sent out to each lucky winner wrapped in cellophane and on some cardboard.

all you have to do is leave a comment, your name and email address on this post. closing date is Sunday 15th August at midnight, UK time. on the Monday morning, i will draw a name from a hat the old fashioned way and announce the four winners.

accordion and lion, limited edition screenprint will soon be in the etsy shop for twenty of your english pounds (approx. price depending on US$ to GB£ rate) i just need some natural light to take some photos and hopefully that day will be tomorrow.

03 August 2010

on the desk...

...update (there is no natural light at the moment-just rain). well i have been in and out of the print room the last couple of days. learnt a lot about making my positives or veggie layers as i like to call them so for the circus man lion combo, i will be trying out a fancy laser printing place. i have been on a mission since i left work, to sort out my supplies in one way or another. 80% of things have been donated or sold and so i am down to the last few bits. i have been printing up old card designs from the original screen before it gets washed off, printing the accordion lion on old paper stock and painting up little fish for about twenty old window cards i had sitting on the stock shelf. only a few more bits left to use! the print room is now closed for two weeks so i have a chance to crack on with tweaking new designs ready for my screens. yesterday i turned two and nine so i think this week i shall be having a give away - keep your eyes on the prize!

Manchester Craft Mafia Handmade Summer Fair - Saturday 28th August 2010 - Whitworth Art Gallery - Manchester. I will be there with my illustration things with loads of other crafty people. full and proper details to follow.