21 July 2010


...due to the laptop to craptop issues of the last fortnight, i have unable to blog about any adventures so the photo above is of bunting triangles before they were sewn to the ribbon. i have been making bunting for just over a month now and the first ones i made were from my old screen prints. on the same mission of using old work and materials to create new work and space, i thought bunting would be good idea and it was. from there i picked out fabric from my two boxes that i have collected from all avenues over the years, bought, found, charity shops, given, kept, hidden and unused. most bunting i have made is on a theme of either colours or the patterns, for example so far i have made ones that are my screen printed characters/cream, red/blue, pink, pink/red, green, blue/green, funky and dots. i have taken these out to the recent craft fairs and they are very popular and look great round the front of my table. i plan to put some up on online in my shops soon but if there are any requests please do get in touch.

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