14 July 2010

new computer...

...the new one is here but don't tell the laptop. at this very moment we have set it up in the living room and installing everything. i can not believe how quick the delivery was! in the end we picked a PC over a laptop and Mac. specification wise, i haven't a clue what it is but it is a beast. i needed something affordable, pretty strong electronic wise and it is a new speedy bag of tricks. i have forever been a PC user and John is pretty good at sorting out/building/fixing them. i don't know if i could handle learning how to use a Mac and to have one would have been nice but maybe in another five or so years, who knows. bless the little laptop, it has been with me since i started university but it is so tired and slow now.

in other news, all i have been doing is making with a little bit of drawing while this laptop drama has been unfolding. i now have little robotingtons, bunting and raindrop badges. no small illustrated badges as the shop is out of stock of my supplies. i still have some left for the weekend but just a few. i really wanted to make some new designs but nope, that idea is on hold for now.


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