21 July 2010

in the shop...

...just listed up in etsy now. pop over to see it if you fancy splashing out. Thanks to the lovely Tom - Swimming Fish - Prefixes and Suffixes has now SOLD. i have two more fish pictures to sort out with their pencil outlines and mount this evening as that is the next job on the to-do list and then its time to plan a new print with Super Titan who is the new computer. i haven't sworn at him yet but i did swear at the wireless component when it wouldn't work when we first put it in but its little antenna is doing a grand job. i bought loads more embroidery hoops this afternoon while out in the rain but i missed a bargain of a jumper that i saw in the charity shop window. gutted. it was a man's one but i liked the emblem bit so i went back to try it on but it had gone.

Big thanks go to creativetourist who mentioned me in their article, 'Top Northwest Designers to Watch' - to be listed in the same space as Mr PS and Nell Smith - wow.

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Dolly Cool Clare said...

Love these - the images work brilliantly on the old book pages :)