22 June 2010


...and old. last week i was going through stuff i have hoarded, i came across some old screen and etching prints i had made and once sewn onto. i decided it was time to do something with them or that was it - in the bin. so i went in search of frames and frames i found - in the shape of embroidery hoops. they did the job just perfect. i am in the middle of a big craft clear up, in order to focus on illustration and print work with the intentions of some craft based illustration at a later date. i started the clear up again this afternoon and some old screen-prints went in the bin which did seem a bit harsh but it had to be done. my heart lies with drawing and print. i am now in the first few pages of a NEW big square sketchbook. starting it was scary but good. this is not a circle it is a straight line as my brain keeps telling me, onwards and forwards.

added after Kayleigh's comment - i have kept some prints and that behind for a giveaway. i have mentioned doing one before, just never got round to it - maybe when the new website is up and running. stay tuned!

21 June 2010


...last week was a slow but then productive week and this week looks like it will be a pretty ram jammed packed busy week! yesterday we went along to the Manchester Day Parade. there were some fab floats, people, things, creations and dancing. i took some photos but the batteries are dead so after a re-charge i will try post some up. it is all go this week so I best crack on but the sunlight is bouncing off my desk, blinding my eyes. up above there, is a lion I painted and then decided to grayscale him out on the computer. he looks good, bit body-less of course but i was playing about with watercolours, pencil marks and crayons, more of which is to come later. i am torn between illustration and craft. one feeds the other and vice-versa. i enjoy both but the main focus is the story. the drawings are going good. i quite like the challenge of drawing a consistent character, favourite being the ringmaster and he is a PERSON!

14 June 2010

back in the chair...

...next to the desk. today i started fresh with the doing of the 'to-do' list. one of them was for a project i found on twitter. Stitch London has teamed up with London's Science Museum to create a Stitch Yourself exhibit for the re-opening of their Who Am I? gallery in June 2010. so, deciding a break from the story side of things was needed, i drew out a rough pattern of a 'me', based on my robotington pattern and off i went. best bit was knitting the cardigan on really thin knitting needles. must get back to the sketchbook as i luckily found a shining star a couple of weeks ago who kindly agreed to write a lion story. i have started drawing some pictures and so need to carry on.

07 June 2010


..pencil, probably HB mechanical leads. i have just returned from a very relaxing week. we were away in Turkey and I did a spot of drawing. nowt mush as it was a tad warm and the pool was so inviting. i visited the sea and watched a lot of nature skipping around, making noises and acting all defensive - pelicans, photos of which i will try and share later on in the week. it is great to be back and i have a story to draw, a few markets to prepare for, Manchester Craft Mafia related goodness to get stuck into and hopefully some other bits and bobs. May was a bit of a strange month but now I am getting used to working fully for myself it seems to be coming together and going good.

Screen-printed Raincloud on Found Music Paper - ONLY ONE LEFT! There will be no more ever. EVER.
Small Illustrated Badges - MORE STOCK IN CHERRY CHERRY SOON!