25 May 2010

page seventy...

...though i am supposed to be finishing off some roughs for a website logo but i am feeling stuck. the Brian story is floating round my head and i may have to make do with just a few words. i have drawn some 'good' people, mainly men, mainly Brian's ringmaster friend who i haven't got a name for yet and a grandad with his bird friend. i can't draw ladies, they look odd, i think it is the dots for eyes. i quite like drawing people now but some look bit 'same-y' still. the rough page ideas for the Brian story are looking ok, just need to add more background bits to them and structure them more to make said wordless story, then it will be time to work them up into some proper kind of pictures.

'Big Rabbit's Bad Mood' written by Ramona Badescu and illustrated by Delphine Durand is one I have had for a while. Delphine's illustrations are ones I always look at as they make me smile. I am no good at explaining why I like her work, I just do. Her characters are fun. Check out her blog here and the book here.

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