11 May 2010

hide and seek...

...playing games with colour. i was going to share more of the experiments but i think the houses look the most confident in colour. using a very limited choice of watercolours, selection of pencil crayons and felt-tips. i splashed everything around and just did whatever i felt like. mainly shapes of colour and patterns. i did a couple of lions, full character and just heads. some of these look ok but i worry about the 'dots' for eyes yet if i draw them another way they look scary, creepy, confused, cross-eyed or like eyes that other illustrators would use. this evening i will be painting after i have finished off typing up meeting minutes/notes.

today we saw a goose family and assuming it is the same as the one i saw the other day as there only ever seems to be one goose family per year on our bit of canal, there are now only five goslings. one is missing.

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natural attrill said...

Hi Deb,
I like your little buildings, nice contrast of textures, shading, colours.