25 May 2010

page seventy...

...though i am supposed to be finishing off some roughs for a website logo but i am feeling stuck. the Brian story is floating round my head and i may have to make do with just a few words. i have drawn some 'good' people, mainly men, mainly Brian's ringmaster friend who i haven't got a name for yet and a grandad with his bird friend. i can't draw ladies, they look odd, i think it is the dots for eyes. i quite like drawing people now but some look bit 'same-y' still. the rough page ideas for the Brian story are looking ok, just need to add more background bits to them and structure them more to make said wordless story, then it will be time to work them up into some proper kind of pictures.

'Big Rabbit's Bad Mood' written by Ramona Badescu and illustrated by Delphine Durand is one I have had for a while. Delphine's illustrations are ones I always look at as they make me smile. I am no good at explaining why I like her work, I just do. Her characters are fun. Check out her blog here and the book here.

23 May 2010

Mr X Stitch...

...and i have been working together over the last couple of months to bring some of my sketchbook doodles to life in the form of super cool embroidery patterns. From Dancing Film Extra Lions, to the Robotingtons, to the Mischievous Rainclouds. The patterns are available in PDF format from the Mr X Stitch etsy store at the usual price of $6 - about £4 of your english pounds. We hope you like them! I really enjoyed working on these though i had some fall outs with potatochop but all is well and I am already working on the next batch!

20 May 2010


...it is getting fair nice outside but inside i stay, sat at the desk. i have been working on the 'to-do' lists and all is coming together except for the website and colouring in. the watercolours are quite nice to play with where as with the acrylics, i find it hard to put colours next to each other and just overall, none of it looks like it's me. i am just going to keep at it as its a progression thing. i like some of it and will keep trying to mix the paints. at the moment i have an idea to do some collage type stuff using print made stuff so will have to see.

Cherry Cherry in Norwich now stocks some of my print/craft items. The shop is run by a lovely lady called Kate Seaward and provides us creative types, artists, designers, illustrators and crafters with the chance to show off our wares.

17 May 2010

new tools...

...both in my art box and on the old blog. i am nearing the end of the second lion sketchbook. i doubt there will be another once it is done as i want to move on. there is not much to report as the weekend was a quiet one. i was in Stoke with just my sketchbook, visiting a friend. i took the DS along which was a mistake but Mario is amazing and very addictive. before then i started painting out a 'scene' from my sketchbook with paints. there are three buildings, two trees, a spot of grass, a blue van and a lot of road. i am going to continue working on it for the rest of day and play around.

any tips on how to make pictures bigger or to the 'X-large' size without them going all pixel-y? my efforts with HTML have not worked.

13 May 2010


...this week has been a learning week so far. i have been doing bits and bats but nothing substantial as of yet. it is hard to work when it is nice and sunny outside. there are robots to draw out ready for the 'part-making' process. i make them in the evenings while winding down from the days events. today's events consist of housewife duties as i have been neglecting them, thumb-nailing and experiments for the lion stories. trying out bit of collage, pencil and paint while trying to see how many different 'eyes' i can draw.

11 May 2010

hide and seek...

...playing games with colour. i was going to share more of the experiments but i think the houses look the most confident in colour. using a very limited choice of watercolours, selection of pencil crayons and felt-tips. i splashed everything around and just did whatever i felt like. mainly shapes of colour and patterns. i did a couple of lions, full character and just heads. some of these look ok but i worry about the 'dots' for eyes yet if i draw them another way they look scary, creepy, confused, cross-eyed or like eyes that other illustrators would use. this evening i will be painting after i have finished off typing up meeting minutes/notes.

today we saw a goose family and assuming it is the same as the one i saw the other day as there only ever seems to be one goose family per year on our bit of canal, there are now only five goslings. one is missing.

10 May 2010


...i voted for the first time on Thursday. beforehand, i read through the three main party's manifestos and there was a lot of jargon to get my head around. i didn't like voting. i tried to stay awake throughout election night but i got bored. i had no staying power and i was shattered over the weekend as a result. i have been playing with watercolours, pencil crayons and have been trying to leave the mechanical pencil alone. i am now using PENCILS as in HB and 2B. they are very smudgy but add more to a drawing. i am heartbroken about the non-mechanical pencil use and will use them for other drawing jobs.

a little section about books i have seen out in the shops that you may like. these listed today are children's books. 'The Heart and the Bottle' by Oliver Jeffers is OUT NOW and his next book, 'Up and Down' is out in September 2010. 'Eric' by Shaun Tan is out now as well as 'Monday' by Anne Herbauts. I also found this book which is very nice called, 'The Girl with Bird's-Nest Hair' by Sarah Dyer.

08 May 2010


...one successful experiment with ginger biscuits and one failed attempt with lemon muffins. errrr, they were horrible. even the geese didn't get them to eat. in the bin they went. today i am making a Shepherd's Pie for tea which is one of my favourite foods. this week i have been trying my best to draw for the website and story. i feel a bit more clear headed about it. after i have done some of the housewife duties then it will be an evening with the paints and crayons. i tried to redesign the badge packaging last night as the green lion one has been around for over a year now, it was a rush job and i feel something with colour on will look better. the website and packaging have merged some what now. two birds with one stone n'all.

...we live next door to the Rochdale Canal. the canal is a little piece of heaven as living in the city centre can be hard when all there is, is grey buildings. since we have lived here we have seen baby goslings in previous years but not SIX! they came out to say hello the other evening and they had a lot of attention from everyone passing by and me (denim bum and in the lower right corner a slice of Warburtons). mainly because the goslings do not ever stop chirping. on and on and on. even when they get bigger and look all gangle-y, they will still chirp away.

04 May 2010


...it has been a very long day. i am still at it and it is 23:04hours. i was up late today due to the extra long snooker final which finished at one am. Neil R won it but i wanted Steve Davis the legend to win it. i have been emailing, twittering, drawing, shopping, Lo-Fi DIY-ing and now i am back to desk-ing it with the to-do list. i quite like working late at night with the sing-a-long music on. i am working on some collaborative sewing patterns and the lion story. also the on-going screen-print designs of which i always phaff with until last minute.

03 May 2010

six and three...

...i have had a funny week. good and bad, up and down. i have finally learnt how to stretch paper properly but have yet to find paper that doesn't require stretching and likes both pencil, pencil crayon and paint. some paper is just too soft to draw upon. on Saturday i bought some very straight forward cartridge paper. experiments will be conducted this week along with the usual things. today i will be working on screen-print designs for Friday, making a chicken casserole and maybe something cake like.