23 April 2010

in painted form...

...a little experiment from this afternoon with the paintbox and brushes. i enjoyed the first bit of painting but then i got quiet anxious and unsure if i even knew or in fact know how to put colour down, what colour where and next to what other colour and how to correctly mix the said colours together. i just put the shapes down first as suggested and then filled him in from there. i started to ease up towards the end but his face was a major stress out. looking at him 'in person', he is a little bit darker and up there he looks a tad bright yellow. i am going to take a food break and return to have another go. i may have to search the interweb for some 'tips'. i am going to the print room next week so I have decided that I have a few days to come up with a 'layered colour design from the sketchbook of working story ideas.

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