11 April 2010

brian on his circus stand...

...thinking about long multiplication and his times table. i have been drawing and i have yet to decide why brian is in the circus and what happens. i think i know why he is there but what is round the corner? The craft fair in the Triangle went well. Four days straight is the longest I have ever done and i have met some very nice people. also learnt alot and just enjoyed it. new stock has been made, replenished, revived and so the etsy and a '£' shop will be open soon. there are plans for a giveaway which i have mentioned before but never got round to doing. what i will be giving away i am not sure of yet. stay tuned over the next two to three weeks. hello third week of illustration.


Catherine said...

I like his expression :-) Nice soft colours too

natural attrill said...

Hi Deb!
Glad to hear your craft stall went well.
We must meet up again sometime, this summer perhaps?