10 April 2010

the ballard of brian the circus lion...

...there he is, balancing away with the Ringmaster. the story stage of things started with a bike riding lion but i wanted and have wanted to draw people for such a long time that i became scared of it. so i worked around it and have drawn people as lions for nearly two years now. somehow i came to realise that, as much as i like doing that, how about people as PEOPLE and a lion as a LION. so i have started a new story with Brian and we shall see. i am going to work on both lion stories and the bear one, see how they go but i have really enjoyed the first two weeks of my new illustration job. there may be more of Brian to share tomorrow. i am taking the sketchbook with me to the LAST day of the Triangle Craft Market.

originally posted up yesterday but i did not like the way it put the pictures and no amount of rearranging/editing Html was working. i do not have a overly technical mind.

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