30 April 2010

where i work...

...the middle of my desk in the bedroom with the very nice view of the car park outside with today's print efforts. due to demand i have printed the last ever batch of teeth and raindrop badges. there are 62 teeth and 100 raindrops to be made up. the design has been erased and deleted from everywhere. they are going on the sewing to-do list for later days. evening plans are some screen-print designs for next weeks print room adventure, general drawing and website drawing. maybe painting with the acrylics.

question of the day - how do you find out about handmade art/craft fairs?

29 April 2010


...with the website plans. very poor outcome but i think i need to work through the chaff to get to the wheat or however the saying goes. the sketchbook is getting fatter but i just think i am stumbling as i don't have a 'style'. i may draw and print but the bare bones of it is, is that i don't have a frigging clue about how to colour in or how i want to colour in. should it be via print, paint or digital? i will keep trying, trying and trying. print room tomorrow then back to the office.

28 April 2010

on and on...

...and on. what to write about? i have and haven't done much in the past two weeks or so. i am still trying to establish a lot of things about working on my own from home and thus have made some decisions about what to do 'for best'. for the moment i have decided to take the website express train as was my original plan anyway, taking a detour via story city and sketchbook central. there will be time for day trips to the print room and paintbox. that is it. i have had a month to play and tomorrow is a day of screen print plans, website ideas and words. up above there is a lion page. a very fact filled page.

23 April 2010

on a painting roll...

...after positive feedback from the husband about the first painted lion, even though he is slightly biased, i carried on and made another. this time, i just threw some paint down, then cut out some roughly pencilled shapes and glued them altogether. i am quite happy with the experiment side of things. i did get very tense before but i quite like the fun of painting and collage. i feel like an explorer. i next have to paint a background. i think i have a plan of attack but i am off to the pub now in search of some cherry beer or two.
in painted form...

...a little experiment from this afternoon with the paintbox and brushes. i enjoyed the first bit of painting but then i got quiet anxious and unsure if i even knew or in fact know how to put colour down, what colour where and next to what other colour and how to correctly mix the said colours together. i just put the shapes down first as suggested and then filled him in from there. i started to ease up towards the end but his face was a major stress out. looking at him 'in person', he is a little bit darker and up there he looks a tad bright yellow. i am going to take a food break and return to have another go. i may have to search the interweb for some 'tips'. i am going to the print room next week so I have decided that I have a few days to come up with a 'layered colour design from the sketchbook of working story ideas.

UPDATE - New stock now at
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Plush Screen-printed Teeth - £3 each.
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19 April 2010

hello week four...

...just finished while watching 'Glee', the last batch of the pirate octopus purses. i have finally ticked a job off the long 'to-do' list and there are seventeen of these bad boys. no more will ever be made - EVER! they will be in the online shop update. i think i underestimated the 'adjustment' period of moving from full-time cafe job to working at home illustrator so i have been taking a rest since Thursday last week and over the weekend, we went to Scotland for a family wedding. we stayed in an amazing cottage. i saw hares, rabbits, pheasants, wood pigeons, a sky full of shiny stars and my first ever shooting star. it was awesome. i made a wish.

11 April 2010

brian on his circus stand...

...thinking about long multiplication and his times table. i have been drawing and i have yet to decide why brian is in the circus and what happens. i think i know why he is there but what is round the corner? The craft fair in the Triangle went well. Four days straight is the longest I have ever done and i have met some very nice people. also learnt alot and just enjoyed it. new stock has been made, replenished, revived and so the etsy and a '£' shop will be open soon. there are plans for a giveaway which i have mentioned before but never got round to doing. what i will be giving away i am not sure of yet. stay tuned over the next two to three weeks. hello third week of illustration.

10 April 2010

the ballard of brian the circus lion...

...there he is, balancing away with the Ringmaster. the story stage of things started with a bike riding lion but i wanted and have wanted to draw people for such a long time that i became scared of it. so i worked around it and have drawn people as lions for nearly two years now. somehow i came to realise that, as much as i like doing that, how about people as PEOPLE and a lion as a LION. so i have started a new story with Brian and we shall see. i am going to work on both lion stories and the bear one, see how they go but i have really enjoyed the first two weeks of my new illustration job. there may be more of Brian to share tomorrow. i am taking the sketchbook with me to the LAST day of the Triangle Craft Market.

originally posted up yesterday but i did not like the way it put the pictures and no amount of rearranging/editing Html was working. i do not have a overly technical mind.

09 April 2010

there we are...

...Katie and I sat behind our stall at the Fuse Crafters Easter Craft Fair. this is from today (Friday) and we will be there Saturday and Sunday with our illustration based craft items. Katie has made some awesome cat badges and as soon as they were fresh out the oven, off i went to get my pennies. mine is grey and i have named him Sir David. there are other lovely stalls and we have met some very nice people these last two days. two more days to go!

08 April 2010


...Katie and I will be at the Fuse Crafters Easter Fair in the Triangle Shopping Centre on Saturday as well! We had a very nice day and I am sat here making more badges. Remember 'Special Stall' day prices apply throughout the event! Please see the blogpost below for further details.

I am sorry that there is not a picture, drawing or photo. next time.

07 April 2010

easter break...

...bit late to spread the news but Miss Katie Hanratty and I will be in the Triangle Shopping Centre in Manchester City Centre (next to the big wheel) this Thursday(tomorrow), Friday and Sunday selling our lovely wares and stitching/cross-stitching/drawing/eating lemon curd sarnies. If you are in town please pop by and say hello as it would be lovely to see some friendly smiley faces! Please click on the poster above to see the details in full.

01 April 2010

six and one...

...page sixty one. today was spent in the print room and being a tad lazy as the headache is hanging around. i printed out some more teeth and raindrops due to demand but the new raincloud pattern didn't quite print out right. i have booked another slot in the print room for next week so i will try again and try out some other new print plans. page above is from the on-going A5 sketchbook. in other news, i have closed the ladysnail etsy shop while i try and tackle the big update. this includes the website first and then the etsy shop which will re-open soon with new and old items.

Just a little update,