29 March 2010

this weekend...

...Katie and I will be at 'A Cheap Affair' again, down at Islington Mill. all the details are above in that there poster. we will be there with our shiny illustration based handmade things. i am currently making some more toast and cappuccino badges as stock is low. today is my first day as a full-time illustrator! yay! i have set a new to-do list, top of the list is the website and portfolio images, and new print/craft items that stem from my work. my last day at work was Friday and since then I have been semi-resting. there are more items to list on eBay this week and other bits and bobs to do but all in good time as i don't want to start off with a big headache.


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Cathy said...

Hope it goes well for you, Debbie, and I LOVE the poster!