02 March 2010

press play...

...trying to get back in to it after a long period of time spent at the cafe. six day working week last week and six day working week this week. i am a bit hyper at the moment and running round like a headless chicken isn't helping me at all. up days, down days and exhausted days. i would love a nap. not really had a proper nap in ages. the diary is seeing some of the most busiest lists of the year but 'listing' helps me out best it can. i am off to work on the big desk. this one has a lamp on it.

'A CHEAP AFFAIR' is on this Sunday at the ISLINGTON MILL between the hours of noon and six pm! please come on down and see the first ever ladysnail and Inspector marmalade craft stall of mmm-ness!

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Catherine said...

Good luck for the 'cheap affair'! I hope you get a good rest soon, you've earnt it.
I like the 'some how time moved to friday' - I know that feeling too well!