31 March 2010


...yesterday was a hard day but productive and i re-learned how to make a pattern. i completed two out of four jobs that i set myself to do so it was a day of half and halves. today has been bit of a poop day. things didn't run as smoothly as they could have in the print room but we shall see how it goes tomorrow with the actual printing of the above image and old designs. for now, i am off for a bath, to read 'murder she wrote' - aye they have Jessica in book form as well! this evening i have some sewing illustrations to draw out. may get the story out and/or the paints later on. last night i went to bed at 2am, i quite like working late. there is a simple unstressful way of things during the hours of the late night time.

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Catherine said...

Ooh I like the new clouds! Think we all have good days and 'off' days, I'm sure things will start to run more smoothly as you get into the new routine.
I like working late too - definitely feels different to be up working on something really late. I've found the same with the very early morning too, though it's less often I'm awake then! Something about how still everything is around, so quiet...you can really focus just not having the sound of traffic or neighbours around. :)
I'm going to try for more early mornings than late nights though - early morning has the advantage of repeats of half-forgotten tv shows!