25 February 2010

on the tin...

...as per the poster. me and Katie Hanratty are sharing a stall at this lovely event. i am super excited as it is my first ever market event outside of the Christmas period. if you fancy on popping by, we will be there, come say hello, ask to draw in our sketchbooks and see our work up close. i will be there with the usual, screen-printed cards, postcards, purses, rainclouds, robotingtons, badges and various bits of printwork. there may be a few new bits depending on what i can get done in between the cafe hours. Katie will be there with prints, cards, badges and postcards.

i have not posted in a while as i have got quite a lot on illustration wise. i am trying to avoid 'distractions' at the moment so i can concentrate on what needs to be done. i am stuck with the two stories but i will work them out in time. last Friday i took some new stock and regular stock to PAD in Preston.

i have sold all but one item on ebay and have yet to list others but it can be fair time consuming. thanks to all who bought items. i know i have said thank before but i really do mean it. i had way too much going on and it is easier to see ways forward now the art materials box is smaller and more limited.

07 February 2010

pouring it down...

...the story is going ok, plodding along and there are occasional little flash's of lightening with the wording. not all of it works, as it goes off on a tangent or a ramble. i have Wednesday and Sunday off this week so its going to be a squeeze with fitting in illustration to-do list but the bank of money will be happy. so as and when the time is free, i am going to continue working on without any pressure. yesterday, i did a 'crit' upon myself and whilst looking through my story workings out, i came up with some solutions to the story struggles I've been having. in other news, we went to visit the Yorkshire Sculpture Park this morning to see the Rob Ryan exhibition. we had a lovely day in the fog and mist. links and photos to follow.

02 February 2010


...i am doing every thing i can to avoid the story. today is a day off day but i cant seem to do with it what i want to do the most so i have done other jobs instead. i have dyed some fabric for future robots and drawn, tidied the flat and read. also spent time browsing the web for inspiration. just need to glue my hand to the pencil and just get on with the story.