27 January 2010

tonight tonight...

...today and yesterday. this one sketchbook is in full swing but the other one is slow moving. i may share some photos of thoose sketch's tomorrow once the batteries for the camera are charged up. the thumbnails are going ok and i like how flexible they are for sketching out/filling in. i just wish i could see how other people work in these stages, thumbnails and/or dummy books. i have a couple of books in my library with examples in but they only show one or two. i keep drawing, then i may rub it out, add to it, take it away, think for a bit and do the drawing. i have learnt the importance and benefits of being focused. i keep at it. problem solving is fun whereas before it hurt my head. i have stretched some paper ready for colour tomorrow - after work though.

phase one of ebay has ended and a huge thank you to those who bid, won and bought items! only had two that didn't sell. next batch will be up on ebay on Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Well done lassie, wish I could say the same for my singles lol.