31 January 2010

ram jam packed in...

...each page gets more squashed and each lion gets smaller. need to find the space again. i worked at the cafe yesterday and today was a day off so i attempted to do everything i could. completed about eighty percent of the tasks. left overs are being carried over to the week ahead. i keep drawing. the story haunts my every move. sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad 'thinking' way. i just want to zap colour in. the stretched paper went all wrinkly in places but i am going to paint on it anyway. i am taking the thumbnails to bed while i watch the 'larkrise' folk do what they do. may give me some ideas for other/new characters and bits - plus i need to relax. cafe tomorrow.

today i updated ebay with about thirty items. most are buttons along with bundles of fancy fibres, old vintage photographs, smarties lids and a job lot of ribbon. i can see the flat and my brainwaves getting cleaner already. i think beads and sequins will be in the next update as i ran out of time. if you want to take a peek, please email me for my shop link. all funds raised are going towards print room funds.

thanks once again.

27 January 2010

tonight tonight...

...today and yesterday. this one sketchbook is in full swing but the other one is slow moving. i may share some photos of thoose sketch's tomorrow once the batteries for the camera are charged up. the thumbnails are going ok and i like how flexible they are for sketching out/filling in. i just wish i could see how other people work in these stages, thumbnails and/or dummy books. i have a couple of books in my library with examples in but they only show one or two. i keep drawing, then i may rub it out, add to it, take it away, think for a bit and do the drawing. i have learnt the importance and benefits of being focused. i keep at it. problem solving is fun whereas before it hurt my head. i have stretched some paper ready for colour tomorrow - after work though.

phase one of ebay has ended and a huge thank you to those who bid, won and bought items! only had two that didn't sell. next batch will be up on ebay on Sunday.

25 January 2010

dear diary...

...the weekend was very much like this page. i was at work where i made the muffins. i ate sushi, though technically that was on Thursday but that's on the right side of week which heads towards the weekend. i also visited my granma in Huddersfield. today i had the day off and so far so good. i have cleaned, phaffed for a bit and drawn. i went out in the afternoon to get some fresh air for the nose with katieface. we like going out and finding bargains mainly to do with household or grocery items. this evening is thumbnail evening. i have more photocopies of drawn out thumbnails on A3, that are ready for me to fill in. may do some colour work as i have cleaned the palette.

thanks to all who are watching and/or bidding on a few of the items. most items end in about two days time. please remember that there are other items to come, more buttons, sequins, beads and other bits, maybe some of the fabric stash. all money made is going towards print room funds. first on the list are some Lascaux printing inks, paper and hours in the studio.

24 January 2010


...there are no words to describe the progress of the story/drawing of this last week. its been hard going, frustrating, struggling, a little bit fun and just damn right slow. mainly because of the 'insert my favourite swear word' nose. i hate my nose and i am very sure, it hates me. i may have to fork out pennies on the road to get a second opinion. i have a day off tomorrow and so i shall be spending it swearing at said nose whilst trying to draw. i tried sewing up some stock Friday night but the new sewing machine was playing up. time to make apologies to old sewing machine and let it come back home. i have space for two. i will make space for two.

22 January 2010

drawn through the week...

...nowt much else to explain about this one. just cracking on with this sketchbook when i take a break from the big story sketchbook. in this one, i have added a little little bit of colour via the computer. trying to experiment but not too much as i added more but it didn't look right. one small step at a time.

21 January 2010

back to black...

...back to drawing observing and drawing outside. it is getting bit warmer so i have been outside, drawing. this week has been a mixed bag. I've drawn some good bits but i am feeling quite stuck. its been like an irritable, itching, frustration feeling. i suppose it feels similar to writer's block. the other day i couldn't get the pencil to draw and so today after a marathon of 'Murder She Wrote', i feel quite relaxed so i am going to draw with the last bit of this evening. tired drawing is normally a good solution to his problem as i think less.

19 January 2010

new year...

...and last week. i keep switching between both sketchbooks as i am tad stuck with the story. am hoping to get stuck back in after work tomorrow. nothing much to report. am feeling all frustrated with the colour of things. have photocopied some of the story pages so i can colour them in. i dont know why but the scanner is not quite scanning right. pap.

17 January 2010

what's your flavour...

...or flava asked Craig David in the early 2000's. well i am partial to a packet of salt and vinegar especially when sat reading a book. perfect combination. i am tempted to share a 'rough' big sketchbook page this next week if the drawing continues to go well. lions, cars and houses. i am mulling over colour in my mind all the time and i am flirting with potential colour ideas. main one being, using some print medium with bits of this and that. little experiments over the next week or so will be tried and tested.


if you fancy any buttons, felt, card embellishments, jewellery findings, embroidery threads or a set of blank nesting dolls please email me and i will send you a link to check out what i have for sale on ebay. not everything is listed but what i have mentioned above is listed. there are still some more buttons to go on there as i have loads. and loads. all funds raised from the sales are going towards printroom fees!

14 January 2010

new mane...

...i have a new head of hair that i can not tame at all. as pictured, i have been to the hairdressers this week. i have a super new mechanical pencil thanks to Santa Deb of Stoke. the page above is basically a typical day thereabouts but without the wedding. there has been progress made with the story or stories. i have thought of an ingenious idea of how to draw my lions with backgrounds and that idea is firmly on the to-do for tomorrow. i had an inkling of this idea before now but now its been fully realised. it may help me out with the main bits of story. apart from that, i have been at cafe past two days and today was a very long day. am trying to warm up the hands so that i can draw. hands ain't so good cold and frozen.

13 January 2010

snow white page...

...back in the saddle with some more of the daily antics of the lions. more and more of them are wearing clothes and i have recently drawn one wearing a plaster cast on his right leg! story is still being worked on. there seems to be two or three single stories in the big sketchbook that may overlap but the final outcome will be as three individual ones. i keep drawing 'full' eyes but they look evil the majority of the time. what to do? i have been to work today and so now im playing in the office with the sewing machine and sketchbook.

12 January 2010

page one and forty...

...back in the lion book. another what i wore today though i often wear the same as with the cafe there is a uniform. blurgh. another one of my cacti has a baby one on its head, they all seem to be competing in some secret growing competition. i have more items to list on ebay. story is being worked on. slowly as i am getting bit stuck with the storyline. may have to do away with the 'words' which was the initial idea. today is the 'day-off' day from the cafe so we shall see what i get squeezed in good old Tuesday.

08 January 2010

i am the piano man...

...slowly i am getting back into the swing of the lion sketchbook. i have two sketchbooks on the go. the neat one and the big fat story one. the back end of last year was ram jammed packed with various things and slowly it is settling back into normal days with normal days off for me to draw in or outside. i am tackling the to-do list today. i have the flat to clean, things in town to sort out and illustration related things to do. the big fat clean is still on going and i have started listing things on ebay. i started with a big box of lace and slowly there will be buttons, sequins, beads and fabric on there. all funds going towards print room funds.

05 January 2010

new year...

...i am working in a big sketchbook. it has been everywhere. i just carry it around with me and sometimes it doesn't get drawn in. sometimes it goes all the way to work with me for no reason. we have recently been to Stoke together to see the other Debbie and i was able to draw non-stop until i reached a little block wall. i was without colour, without felt-tips or crayons so this evening, back in Mancland, i got out the basics, the watercolour box and just played around. nowt too heavy or complicated. colour will take time but this time i mean it. i tried to crop the image above, move things around but i felt i had to leave it as it was. i want to share some of more my story based drawings but i feel i can't in order to protect the state of play. in time...some time in 2010.

super mega thanks to all of you who came to the Christmas Markets back in December. Thanks for looking, talking, chatting, buying and everything in between and outside. it was great.