07 December 2009


...off the to-do list of to-doing. first off we have a batch of screen-printed calico raindrop badges. these will be at the christmas markets at the weekend. some of you will have seen these before but unfortunately these will be the last batch until further notice. i am now working on some robotingtons that have been half made since forever and a day. next up is tea time and then it is on to badges with the new designs with the second zine for afters. i have a day of freedom tomorrow so i hope to work late into the night with the music in the drawing room.

in reply to Christiane's question from the previous post, i am making badges using shrink paper - i do not have a badge machine. an option is there though as there are people on etsy who will make your illustrations into badges for you if you do not want to buy a machine and the various supplies.