18 November 2009


...so here we are. the mister and i are now married and we had a lovely honeymoon in Keswick. aye, we did go to the pencil museum. the world's biggest pencil was amazing! since we returned, i have been doing a super mega clean in order to get rid of any art related distractions and just general flat distractions. i have thoroughly thought about what i want to do and still want to draw but just got bit side tracked by various things as you do or i do. i have cleared out various materials, wool, buttons, beads, sequins and other things of which will soon be going on ebay in order to help me raise funds for an A3 scanner. i have kept the pencils, paint and bits of craft fabric but there will be a systematic way of doing things from now on. the flat is clean and the office is cleaner.

thanks to all who visit my dear blog and i hope to post a picture this evening or sometime this week.