09 June 2009

cappuccino cups...

...seen as i work in a cafe making coffee, i thought i would have a go at drawing one as it is my favourite thing to make/do at work. some of my craft/print work is now in The Turnpike Gallery at Leigh. it is in the cabinets just before you enter the main gallery space. i was quite surprised at how well i managed to display it all. i am now on the lookout for more opportunities for me and my work. having two diaries this year has helped with my organisation. i feel like i am getting there. up above is page four of the big sketchbook. i think i drew this on the train or whilst out and about. i can not be sure as the past few weeks have felt like a blur. i am off now to have a relaxing bath and then draw/doodle before bedtime.

these pages look a tad small so to see them more clearly - please click on them and they will appear bigger, either in a new window or in the same one (i can not remember which).