07 May 2009

promotional pirate postcard...

...and page fifty four of the lions. as i had a full day to myself, i planned out some plans for the print room. three and a half out of four of my plans worked. the harmonica lion copper etch didn't come out as nice as i had hoped due to the little repair i had to do to it to save it from being scrapped. the outline work looks very nice so i am going to start afresh with a new piece of copper.

for some strange reason, blogger would not publish any of my posts before so i am on the mister's computer. i think my laptop is ill considering how badly it has been performing over the last few weeks. the snooker lion is making his first appearance in the little square sketchbook. he has moved up the world rankings from the 'scribble pages'. i usually do these when i am not thinking and just idea doodling it all out. night for now. i am off to have a rest after screen printing 150 postcards front and back, as well as thirty odd 'happy birthday' cards.