20 September 2009

what i wore today...

...is something i spotted on the web and so i have decided to throw in my two pence and join in the fun but in lion form. link. i think it may help me with colouring in as i will have to colour for the clothes to make sense. i have had a super weekend with in Sheffield and with thanks to ali, i now have a better, faster, stronger looking website. i keep drawing, giving it 100%. i really like the lion with the handbag and milkshake from the page up top. i think its the face and how it slants. did anyone see Sir David pretending to be a sloth on J Ross? made me smile. if i had a cat i would have to call it Sir David.


moombaduo- Andy Wong said...

Yay! High fives for us website nwebies^-^
Looking good indeed Debbie, I'm happy for ya:D
I like the teeny mobiole phone sayin hi to ali & the busy looking lion in the bottom with a frappiccino

draw-a-rama said...

: )

did you eat your dolly mixtures, runner beans, tomatoes, peppers and chilli's yet?