23 September 2009

mini cheddars...

...a lion with actual open eyes. scary looking and odd are what he looks like. not sure on that idea. may have to play around with eyes. there is another 'what i wore today' in this page. i don't like how i coloured in the trousers as the pencil was being rubbish at colouring in. today is a day off but i feel so ill. the nose is super blocked up, i cant breathe and have a deaf ear. i think i have caught a cold and that on to of my regular stupid nose illness is not helping. here is to a day of drawing and writing in the cosy office. i ain't going outside unless i really have to.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

have a good day then & gute besserung!
i would like to stay home a whole day and do nothing but drawing and drinking tea... maybe this weekend.