21 September 2009


...is it me you're looking for? said Mr Colour to Debbie. i have tried a little bit of colouring-in this evening and am getting rather silly and excited but i now have to leave it to go eat an amazing Shepard's Pie. i am trying to combine the felt-tips, collage and digital colour to give what i draw that bit 'more' about them that they deserve. there is another 'what i wore today' on this page. i may have to make up some clothes to draw as i don't have that many. more like 'what i wish i wore today'. i heart the new laptop character.

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Jennie said...

I can imagine a story about a little lion walking along, perhaps trying to solve a problem of some sort? perhaps talking to other lions? Encountering unusual characters? Perhaps trying on costumes? I don't know, but all these Lion illustrations would make a lovely kids book.

Jen x