27 June 2009

back in the land...

...after a little holiday, i am back. back in the office and back to the to-do list. Blackpool is changing and I really like the new promenade. photographs will be posted up shortly. it was my first family holiday with my granma, mum and sister. i also met up with Jennie who i met at uni. i was doing my degree and she was/is doing her masters. she took me to Lytham and her lovely house. i found time for naps, walking, reading and drawing. not as much as i planned or would have liked as i think i needed the rest more than i thought i did. i am going now to enjoy an evening of Michael Jackson's music. i wanted to post up a video but the official ones on YouTube are protected and plus i couldn't decide which one to share.


Jennie said...

Hi Debs!

It was lovely to see you! Good luck with all your projects!

Jen xxx

Christiane said...

Oh, is it them 2 kiwis from Flight Of The Conchords there at the bottom? :o)